He is here! We are so proud/happy/exhausted to announce his blessed arrival at 4:30 pm on Monday February the 10th. He was my biggest (but oh so perfectly sized) baby yet at 7 lbs 8oz and 19 & 3/4" tall.
  It's been a week and I couldn't be more happy with how things are settling in. He is happy/content/power champ at nursing and generally just a great baby. Lucas was a lot like this and I am so relieved that Leland is just as calm as his older brother. Lou and Lucas are adjusting well too. Surprisingly and delightfully well. Lucas just wants to smooch and pick up Leland (so a keen eye is a must....) and Lou likes to pet him like a puppy and say over and over 'The baby is soooo cute. Sooo cute... Does the baby need to eat from your boobs? Give him you boobs mama....'.
 Yes. Lou. Yes. I will give the baby my boobs ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
DIYs will be on hiatus for a bit while I dote upon this little guy and tend to the growing Tasmanian devils doing whirligigs around the living room. Some baking/cooking recipes are on the schedule though....