Oh mommy life lessons...they are some tough ones to get a handle on sometimes. Tricky how you think you've got things nailed down then these silly little things called kiddos set you straight again that, no honey, you are anything but perfect.
 Cut to scene. We had some friends over for a nice BBQ and after lunch the hooligans raced around the back yard on bikes and such but Lou decided to cozy up to one of our fella friends by sitting in his lap. Funny. She does that a lot. Lord help me now I'ma gonna have my hands full come teenage hormone time. But anyways, we adults get to talking and kinda forget that she is sitting there. Well. I forget. Cuz this next part is all my fault. I was telling a story about my crazy kooky snoop-a-holic neighbor and may or may not have (yes definitely did) call him a dick. Stop. Mid sentence. Look down at Lou. She's blissfully staring off into the distance. Whew, close one. And continue on with my story, afternoon ect.
 Later that evening I was in the kitchen and Lou is upstairs cuddling with pops watching a movie and I can hear them conversing about a fox and a puppy. Then I hear her stop mid sentence, turn toward Matt and with much gusto shout, 'Papa, you're a DICK!'.
 No response from Matt.
So she repeats herself louder with more enthusiasm.
First stiffed giggles and then robust laughter busts out of Matt and I can hear him losing his mind collapsing on the floor.
Then she sees his glee and starts singing
'Dick dick dick, papa is a dick, dick dick DICK'


    Don't worry. Once Matt caught his breath he kindly explained to her that dick was a naughty word and mama shouldn't have said it and that she shouldn't repeat it unless she wanted to get taken away by CPS. Just kidding. But hopefully she did get the point.
 Kinda reminds me of the time when I was eight or so and my entire family, grandparents, aunts and uncles were piled into a bus carpooling up to Disneyland and I turned to my little old granny and asked very loudly, 'Grandma... What's a prick?'

Ahhhh mother like daughter ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

side side note. Anyone other mothers have the family tradition of eating the ears off your kids's chocolate Easter bunnies?
We do here and I am happy to report
mission accomplished :)