Sooo. I know I promised a DIY stitched envelope tutorial. It is coming. I just had to pick up some thread in a different color. Don't worry it will be worth it.. you will be able to bath in all it's cuteness glory.
    But mostly I wanted to check in and let you know that this weekend was dedicated to prepping for my Halloween extravaganza. A little early? Yeah I guess so... but I plan on starting a family tradition of a totally awesome blow-your-socks-off Halloween Costume party and I want the house to be worthy of the effort our guest will put in. So yes. I started prepping a month early. Having two months of Halloween is my kind of calendar. So here is a little sneak peek as to what is coming...
*Spooky Halloween Table Top Tree
*Halloween Paper Ornaments
*Cheesecloth Ghosts (tips & tricks)
*Handmade Halloween Party Invitations
*Dollar Store Glitter Skulls
*Dollar Store Window Decorations
*Window Screen Spider Web
*Giant Spider
*Spider Sacks
*Plywood Cut outs and Plywood Tombstones

Baw ha ha ha ha!!!!

Thanks for stopping by... The pic above is me and the kiddos watching and listening to the thunderstorms off in the distance. Boy do I love fall.