This week I am making some faux built in window benches out of some simple concrete block and boards. Will post pics of the completed project. Till then enjoy these crafty ideas

The simple and lowly concrete cinder block... oh how you have been under utilized! There are some many useful and creative ways they can come in to play around the house and garden besides the intended purpose of walls. Just check out these fantastic ideas. Click on images for sources.

A bed! very helpful on tight budgets... and look the great storage!

Simple boards and painted blocks make such a modern and chic bookcase!

Cinder blocks as planters has been done and many various ways but I'm a little in love with this adaptation. Source unknown

as out door furniture. Love it! And incorporating it into your edible garden? Genius!

as a birdhouse... just need to have a secure way of lifting it :)

this is a piece by the luxury  furniture designer and antiques dealer Axel Vervoordt. I'm sure it costs thousands... but I bet you could DIY.

and my favorite... party decorations for a boy's birthday party. Very creative... thinking I might borrow this idea for my Lucas's 1st

here he is... my love

and I can't post a pick of one with out the other

here is Lou being Lou

think she'll kill me later because I am posting a nakey pic of her??? Oh well love them to pieces

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