So my oh my.... here is what's up right now. The hubs is away on a hunting trip with his best former Navy bud and his pops for 10 days. So wonderful right?!?!



Wonderful... for them! For me this time alone with the two kiddos (and one baking away) have been a true test of my patience, strength, will power, stamina, endurance, ect ect ect.... feel free to add any more adjectives to describe this parenting marathon going on in my house. For all you single mamas out there, how you do this ALL DAY EVERYDAY is absolutely-tootly AMAZING! You truly are a god send, or a mini goddess ;)

  But anywhooser. While papa dog is away you can be sure that I can find lots to keep me occupied! First up, moving my office/family command center into the great room. This move frees up a bedroom for one of the kiddos to stake a claim on (I'm thinking Lou will win out), as well as keeps me 'in the action'.  Now while I type away I can keep a keen eye on the littles while they wonder in and out of the house shoeless, naked and dirty. Just kidding! They are always the first priority, but this move really does give me a better position to work from. AND MAJOR PLUS: I didn't have to buy a thing! I had an old computer desk, two small book cases, various planks of wood, stain and yards of burlap. Everything to construct a 'built in' desk/command center.
Here is where I am at right now

I've got the bookcases and desk positioned and have attached to wood planks to the top to give it a more custom 'built in' look. Now I need to stain, poly and style. Style as in spruce up the organization with pretty baskets, binders and boxes. Oh, I've also trimed and washed the burlap and attached it to the desk with decorative nail heads.

Pretty right? Rustic and pretty. Exactly what I'm going for.

I've also been tackling this large painting project and I think I've got it where I want it. It's a abstract-ish (huge) painting of a blue mason jar with florals. I still need to add a bronze/gold glaze to it. This will give it a more aged look, as well as add some pizazz :)

All this with lots and lots of playground breaks mixed in between.

Posting the final pics tomorrow! Really please with how it all turned out

Thanks for stopping by!