Lately I have really been into fashion. Shocker right? But no, really. I bounce back and forth between home decor/home remodeling to fashion & purses... maybe shoes too :). I exhaust all outlets like pinterest, polyvore, blogs and flickr on one subject for about a week then switch to the other. Never ending, back and forth, back and forth. Am I alone in this quirk? One week my coffee table is covered in Vogue, Lucky and Elle. Then the next I clear it to cover it again with Country Living, Elle Decor and House Beautiful.
This is a fashion week.
This tutorial may look familiar because it is basically the same as my DIY Anthropologie Peony Pop Infinity Scarf.
Just with less steps. I simplified it even more while on one of my late night DIY kicks. You know, where you just gotta make something.
Here is what I have been craving, fashion-wise.

A little Emilio Pucci

Perhaps some Alexander McQueen

Black and white has kinda been my thing lately. Guess it is because I scored a few new shades of red lipstick. Nothing makes red lipstick look better than a black leather jacket and white scarf :)

So here is my DIY. Check out the tips and tricks below.

Supplies: 2 Men's white tees, scissors, sharpie, cardboard/magazine and string/yarn.
Tips & Tricks:
*Slip a magazine or piece of cardboard in between the layers of the tee when coloring. You want to prevent bleed through.
*Look up a few tribal or Navajo prints to get a feel for some groovy patterns. Then just sketch away. I only filled up half of the loop because I wanted the scarf to be free of print up around where to two loops are gathered together.
*Once the pattern is to your liking, fold the shirt loops in half lengthwise, gather up a 2 to 4 inch section and wrap with the string or yarn. Put it on and play with how the loops lay before securing.
* My tees were still white, but if yours look dingy I recommend choosing a RIT dye color and doing a wash or two. A bottle only costs a dollar or two and the grocery/craft store.
* Spot cleaning is best, but the marker is permanent so you can throw it in the washer if needed.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions about this how-to, make sure to check out my other Anthro Scarf post.

Hope you have a lovely (very rainy here) Tuesday!