Alright ma peeps. Time for a totally self indulgent post full of me, my babies and our going ons. So I warn you, avert your eyes now if you have an aversion to baby snuggles and childhood wonderment because basically all this shamelessly is, is a way for me to make them a baby book without having to make them a baby book...

But mama! I promise we will only put our toes in! Just our toes! Please oh please can we play by the water?!?!?!
Ya right... just your toes.

I have been very blessed with three rugged and rambunctious wee ones who have no trouble with me saying. 'Let's go on an adventure!, and we end up poking our way through the local hiking trails for hours. They have no problem having very close encounters with dirt and bugs and muddy puddles, much to my ocd dismay. But this ^^^ is what I think about when I picture childhood and I am so glad that pops and I can provide this for them.

Stomping puddles like it's our biznas. We walked by a construction crew and I didn't realize they were watching us till I heard one of them ask, "Did I really just see you stomp in that puddle?' and I'm all 'Um yeah! Of course!'
It seems like all to often we forget about how fun and joyful the very simple things in life can be. Like stomping in puddles. 

making the rounds at the zoo. and of course I stop for all the touristy attractions and make the kids stand there while I take their pics... loading up my arsenal for when they are teens going on dates. 

My entire world all snuggled up in an armchair

So I may have an addiction to Christmas topiary trees. This is box one of three....

gathering the ranks together to help me with the tree. I start out thinking 'Simple', but that quickly turns into 'More More MORE!!!!' Bawhhahaha!!!!

We are currently in the process of relocating and we are narrowing down the search to a couple of places. More to share on that later, but we dragged the kids along with us during our first housing browse and stayed overnight in a cabin/hotel. This pic explains it all. I can totally remember how much dang fun hotels were when I was a kid. 


This boy and his epic bedhead. He is the epitome of 'slept hard'.

Duh! Of course we be all kinds of Christmas crafting up in this joint! Popsicle stick trees: jewels for the girls and nuts for the boys. And some adorable aqua painted Epsom salt and glitter covered mini houses. These are our 'Elf houses'. you know, the elves that get sent to your house to watch all the little girls and boys to see if they should be on the naughty or nice list. So yeah, I know that is totally the jist of all the elf on the self stuff, but I prefer it when they kids take part in helping me deceive them. 

Siblings anyone? Thought I would finish on a pic that is more real than real itself. 

Hope the holidays are treating you right!
xo Honor