As I mentioned before, we swapped rooms. Me and my little girl that is. I took over her bedroom for my office and she and her little brother are in the other spare room. It is twice the size and just perfect for two little hooligans to do cartwheels in. As for my 'new' office I decided to leave the paint color and just work with what I have around the house to decorate and style. Boy do I have a lot of stuff. It sure is pretty though. Purging tchotskies is not a strong suit of mine. I am a closet prop stylist btw. Constantly curating little vignettes around the house. In the bookcase, on a bedside table, with my kids toys. Only to be destroyed a moment later by a somersaulting two year old, cruising nine month old or lumbering husband. I guess I just like to exhort a little control in this havoc of raising two kids under the age of three.

Here is something new. I created the feature artwork for the space by using my DIY Vintage Wood Plank Picture Frame, only substituting a stencil, some nails and string for the frame.

I love that garland. No, it is not one of mine. It is a holiday garland of felt balls from anthropologie. Only $9! I scooped it up for decor in the kids' room, but I can't part with it just yet. :)

I think it turned out great. First I used some basic block letter stencils from Lowes and a little metallic paint. Then I hammered in some upholstery tacks (again from Lowes) around the perimeter of the letters and finally wound bakers twine around the 'O'. I originally was going to do all of the letters, but I think I'll keep it this way.

I wasn't really going for it, but the hubs mentioned that it kind of has a religious feel. And that he wasn't that fond of it.
What do you think?
Well, then it's a good thing that this art is in my private office. Out of his eyesight, cuz I love it.

Baker's twine is the best. Who knew such a simple string could have so many crafty uses?

That's it for now. Just a little peek into my 'new' office. I am still working on revamping some craigslist furniture for the other side of the room as well as some crafti-ti-fied office storage/organization. Did you know that the dollar store is an organization mecca?! All sorts of bins and buckets to use to sort and file to your hearts content!
Thanks for stopping by. I have a FREAKING AMAZING home decor diy up next that I am so excited to share. I was a little worried about how it would turn out, but no... FREAKING AMAZING!