Bow Tie Onesie (No Sew!)

Aren't bow ties just adorable?! And bow ties on a BABY BOY?! With his chubby wubby little cheekies... awwwwww.

    Ok I'll stop it! But I really do love this little tutorial. Bow ties are made in so many ways. You could easily create a bow tie applique. Please see my applique tutorial if this interests you by clicking HERE  
    This tutorial is no sew, but you could very easliy follow these steps and hand stitch instead of using hot glue. It would probably stay put better with a little stitch here and there. But alas I was crunched for time and the babes fell asleep where I store my needle and thread and I was NOT going in there! Danger Zone!
   Back to the tutorial... hope you enjoy and I would love love love it to see examples of your own bubs in a bow tie onesie! Thanks for stopping by!

What you will need: Onesie or a shirt. Here is a good ol'hand me down. Some fabric for the bow tie (I personally love stripes or poka dots), scissors and your hot glue gun... or needle and thread to hand stitch.

Cut out a strip of fabric for the bow tie. Mine is approximately 4"w x 16". If you want the stripes to go up and down, you need to cut out the fabric this way.

Here is the strip. This project calls for cleaner edges so you should trim off any stray threads or fringe.

Lay the strip out and fold in half

Fold the other half over. It is much easier with two hands :)

While keeping the strip folded hot dog wise, fold the strip again hamburger wise

Add a dab of hot glue and press in place

While keeping the strip folded neat and tight add a couple of strips of hot glue across the edge of where the hamburger fold lays down. See image :)

Press in place

Cut out a smaller strip for the center of the bow tie. Mine is approx 4"x4"

Fold the small strip in half hot dog wise

Fold in half again and add a strip of hot glue to keep the folds in place.

You should have two pieces that look like these.

Lay the body of the bow tie on the center strip and add a dab of hot glue

secure in place

Add another dab of hot glue on top of the exposed edge as well as the body of the bow tie. See the above image :)

Pull tightly and secure in place

Ta Da! a no sew bow tie! So adorbs right?!

Add some more hot glue

And press in place. What a handsome little fella.

Hope you enjoyed this easy bow tie tutorial. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I promise to put up some images when this little bugger actually arrives, but until then I will enjoy my craft time!