Braided Fabric Watch – Anthropologie Inspired

I have seen this tutorial on the web before, but I wanted to give it a go myself! Watches similar to these are at Anthropologie and other $$$ stores. Just cementing my love-hate relationship with Anthropologie… I love ya but hate ya prices! Nothing new there!

My biggest tip for this tutorial and the ones similar is to scrounge! Scrounge around your house for unused potential! I was able to make this and other items in my tutorials for free because I simply used items that were laying around the house. How green of me 😉

Hope you enjoy and I would love to see how yours turn out! Thanks for stopping by!

Here are some Anthropologie watches, The top one is no longer available but the other two are. All are $50 or more. I made mine for zilch… nanny boo!

What you will need: a watch face or a watch that you can disassemble. I had a watch with a metal band that I wanted to take apart but if I took off the band there were no ‘loops’ on the side to put my fabric through. To make it simple on yourself find a watch with ‘loops’ 🙂

Vintage fabric, or any fabric that you can tear into and scissors

Disassemble the watch. I had to cut mine apart

You can see the ‘loop’s that I am talking about here

Cut, or snip and tear three strips of fabric. Mine were approximately 2.5″ x 20″. It is better to have longer strips than you need, you can always trim of the excess.

Here are my three strips. I took some time and frayed the edges a little because I prefer that look.

Thread the first strip through the loops and under the watch face.

It should look like this.

Then take your second strip and thread through one of the loops and fold in half. You should have three pieces you can use to braid on one side.

Thread the last strip through the other loop.

Should look like this, with three pieces on each side with one strip running from end to end under the watch face.

Ready… set…. start braiding! Keep it somewhat loose so you can enjoy the frayed edges and have some width to the band.

Don’t tie anything off yet. Just place one braid to the side and do the other side.

Take the watch and measure around you wrist to get an approximate length. You want the watch to be somewhat loose lie a bracelet and so that it is easy to slip on and off. Tie the two braids together in a tight double knot.

Snip off excess if there is any and fray the edges.

Ta-Da! There is your beautiful Braided Fabric Watch! Anthropologie inspired, but so totally yours!

Oh so pretty! There is something so feminine about a fabric watch as opposed to leather or metal bands. Please let me know how yours turn out or if you have any questions or comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by for this tutorial!