Button Art How To

Does any one else love buttons as much as I do? Every time I head to Micheal's or Hobby Lobby I have to upgrade my button stash just a little bit. And don't even get me started about flea markets and the endless vintage ones I can gorge myself on!
I think I am going to do a series on kids room art work and this will be the first one. Fairly simple. You can do letters like this tutorial demonstrates, or you can do little animals or silhouettes. Really the options are only limited my your creativity. But in a pinch for ideas I always stick to letters.

What you will need: Glue Gun, Backing paper (I used a sheet of scrapbook paper), scissors, pencil, dollar store picture frame and of course buttons!

I traced the inside of my picture frame with some scrap paper to get a template to use on the scrapbook paper.

Trace on to the backing paper

Cut out

Stencil the letter of your choice. I am doing a L so it was simple enough to do by hand using the scrap paper for a straight edge. Make the tracing light and slightly smaller than what you want the final size of the letter to be.

Here is my L

Select your buttons. I like to group them by similar tones. Yellows and greens in this case, but you are welcome to experiment with your color choices!

Add a dab of hot glue to your first button

And off you go!

Do a base layer first. Don't over lap your buttons just yet. Most of these will be covered so color selection is not that important.

Here is my base layer

Add a dab of glue to a smaller button

And place away! I like to use bigger buttons on the bottom and overlap them with smaller ones. Be careful to stagger your colors so the letter doesn't get a clumpy look

Adding and overlapping more buttons

And there you go! Fill in where you need some extra weight, but that is it! Simple right? and it looks so great!

I smushed the Button Art into the fame. It looks great hanging or being displayed. You can use and white and cream buttons with a white background and give it as a wedding gift, or all one single color in the shape of an item to help kids with colors or really you could do what ever you want. Hope you enjoyed this easy and fast tutorial. Thank you for stopping by!