Cake Plate How To

Hello Again! Welcome to the worlds fastest tutorial on how to make a cake plate! This craft is based off the Mason Jar Goblet tutorial that I completed earlier. You can see that by clicking HERE. Hope you enjoy! Those cookies sure do look tasty don't they ;)

What you will need: A plate and a candle stick holder & glue... simple enough right?! Try different combinations and materials. Here I chose a glass plate and candle stick holder that I picked up from the Dollar Tree. If you prefer white, use a white plate and white candle stick holder. Remember you can always paint the darn thing if you want! Might not be food safe, but it is perfect for displaying all your pretty little bobbles.
I used Loctite Glass glue again, you can find some by clicking HERE. I picked up a big ol'bottle of the stuff.

Coat the edge of the candle stick holder as it sits upright

Lay the plate upside down and gently place and pick up the candle stick so that you get a ring of glue left on the plate.

Trace that circle with more glue. Don't worry if the glue is white & spreads, it will dry clear and strong!

Place the candle stick holder back in place and let rest for 12 hours.

So pretty right? Wouldn't that be a sweet gift? Especially if you found a super cool plate or what if you even personalized the plate! Oh light bulb! My next tutorial will be drawing on ceramic and porcelain plates. It can be done! Trust me!
Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy idea, thank you for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!