Chain and Fabric Bracelet

    Ready for a super simple DIY jewelry tutorial? Prepare yourself for our quick and easy this project is and how pleased you will be with the results! I have seen so many variations of this at high end stores such as anthropologie, free people, urban outfitters, jcrew and so on. You probably can use what is laying around the house.Hope you enjoy this tutorial and I would love to see how your variations turn out!

What you will need: Chain of some sort, I picked these up at Micheal's but I would have preferred to have made a quick trip to the hardware store to snip off some heavier weight chain with wider links. But these will do!
Fabric you can tear into strips or ribbon

Start by tearing your fabric into strips. Mine were about 1" x 15". Better to be on the safe side and make them longer than you think. You can always snip off the excess

Here are my strips. I took a little time and frayed the edges. I like that messy look

Measure off some chain. It should be loose enough to side on and off your wrist, but not fall off when your just standing there.

Here is my piece of chain

Tie one of the strips through the last link of your chain. I left a tail that was approximately 4" long

Tightly wrap your strip through one side of the chain, make sure to go in and out of each link

Thread all the way through and tie a knot at the last link, not to tight or it will cause the chain to fall weird on your wrist

Take another strip and tie a knot beside the first knot on the last link

Very loosely thread the strip through every three to four links

Tie a knot at the other end beside the other knot

Take one strip and and tie it to a strip end on the opposite end of the chain, repeat with the remaining two. Snip off excess, but leave some length to the tails. About 3"-4" will do. Fray those edges!

So pretty right? I love the contrast of feminine fabric against masculine chain. You can really play with the combinations here to get very different results. I want to get some bright silver heavier chain from the hardware store and intertwine some blue and red ribbon... have to be patriotic right?! Hope yours turn out great and I hope you have a fun time creating your own chain and fabric bracelet! Thanks for stopping by!