Top 5 Best Chainsaw Mills – 2024 Guide

Look at your yard! Is it packed with a lot of wood logs? Well, you can utilize them by cutting into impressive pieces of lumbers. A chainsaw mill is a superb tool that serves this purpose well.

If you want to avoid dragging woods to a saw-mill, you can easily cut lumbers with a portable chainsaw mill. But, you need to choose the best chainsaw mill to get optimal performance.

Don’t worry! This piece is going to tell you about the top 5 chainsaw mills.

A brief study on top 5 chainsaw mills

According to Reviews by Toolsadvanture, the Granberg G777 chainsaw mill is the best cost-effective chainsaw mill. Here we are going to dig deep into some of the best chainsaw mills available in the market.

1. Granberg Alaskan 36 Inch Chainsaw Mill


While ‘hunting’ a chainsaw mill, the Granberg Alaskan mill is a top-notch choice for decades.

The cutting depth is ½ inch – 13 inch, and the cutting width is up to 26 inch. The materials used for this mill are tubular aluminum (aircraft quality) and zinc-plated parts of steel.

The process of mounting this mill on a chain bar is simple and it can handle chainsaws up to 30 bars. Keep in mind that the chainsaw will require at least 60cc displacement to cope up with this mill.

It has an anti-vibration system that includes metal runners and these runners suit around the log in a square fashion while keeping the chainsaw in its place. Also, there is a handle in the middle part of this mill. It helps to control the saw, and you can do straight & level cuts precisely. Another notable feature is the CNC-machined end brackets.


  1. Anti-vibration system.
  2. CNC-machined end brackets
  3. Long-range of cutting depth
  4. A renowned model
  5. Easy to handle and set up


  1. Other mills provide greater bar width.
  2. It is an expensive one.

2. Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill


Carmyra portable chainsaw mill is ideal for cutting cedar, walnut, and oak logs.

The cutting depth is ½ inch – 13-inch, and the cutting width is up to 48-inch. The materials used for this mill are superior grade aluminum and steel. You can attach the saw without drilling a bar. Furthermore, this mill offers splendid portability and durability and you can add any type of chainsaw to this mill. The formidable structure allows it to work even in rough weather.

This mill can generate beams from 5 inches – 13 inches in terms of thickness. It also permits planks up to the width of 36 inches. Another impressive feature is the calibrated bar that can measure the width & thickness of the woods. However, the bar can often come with misaligned and inaccurate calibration.


  1. Good portability
  2. Impressive durability
  3. Works with any type of chainsaw
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Able to generate large pieces of lumbers


  1. Often comes with misaligned and inaccurate bars

3. Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777


The G777 is great for personal garage-works or small-scale projects. Also, it is a cost-effective option but does its job fast and well.

The cutting depth is ½ inch – 13 inches, and the cutting width is up to 18 inches. The manufacturer made it with aircraft aluminum and zinc-plated steel. It is light-weight (approximately 12 lb) and small.

Despite its small-scale construction, the tool is very sturdy. The G777 can deal with bars up to 20 inches in length and provides only 18-inch bar width. Its performance is not satisfactory for older trees.

The bar-end is covered to prevent sawdust and woodchips from going upward. If the wood is too dense, the tool may seem difficult to control. In that case, you have to use extra guides.

The G777 is fitted with a chainsaw without using a drilling bar. Keep in mind that this mill requires a powerful gas-powered chainsaw. For example, a chainsaw that has a 60CC or more powerful engine is an ideal option. The battery-powered or corded chainsaw does not work with this model and you will need a sharp tearing chain to work smoothly. Also, no guide rail is present here.


  1. This mill is cost-effective
  2. Small-scale and light-weight
  3. Covering over the cutting area
  4. ½ inch – 13-inch cutting depth


  1. Offers only up to bars of 20 inch
  2. Not suitable for large-scale projects.
  3. Restricted to powerful gas-chainsaws.

4. Imony Portable Chainsaw Mill


Imony is another famous brand ruling the market. It is light-weight and good for portability. In terms of cost, you will love it.

The cutting depth is up to 13-inch, and the width is 36-inch. With this measurement, it beats other chainsaw mills. The mill is crafted with aluminum and steel. The durability of this mill is superb.

When you ponder upon its design, you may think that this mill is designed to work with a large chainsaw. However, the size of the blade is not the size to which it cuts. Take a couple of inches off to have a sensible cutting distance.


  1. Quality product but inexpensive
  2. 36-inch length & 13-inch thickness
  3. Portable & light-weight
  4. Easy to use


  1. Cuts a bit smaller than the bar

5. Logosol Big Mill Timberjig


In terms of size, weight, and portability, this one is a great choice. The weight is below 10lb, and the width is approximately 6.5 inches. Also, it is within the budget range of average woodworkers.

The cutting depth is up to 8 inches, and the cutting width is up to 24 inches (a practical assumption). The mill is made of aluminum. The attachment system with the chainsaw is simple and you can bolt the mill to the chainsaw with handlebars.

This mill has no rails. Therefore it is extremely light-weight but could be very hard to control. Also, the cutting is slow, and making steady cuts could be a challenging task. This mill is more suitable to make a square face out of pre-sized logs. Don’t forget to use a powerful chainsaw, 60cc, or a more powerful one.


  1. Very much affordable
  2. Very light-weight and portable


  1. Requires a powerful chainsaw
  2. Can be difficult to master
  3. Cutting depth is up to 8-inch only

To pack up

If you want to buy a chainsaw mill, I suggest you do your research. Then go for the right one according to your requirement.

In this article, I have presented the top 5 chainsaw mills of the market. Hopefully, this will help you to make your mind quickly.


Q: Which is the best chainsaw mill?

A: If you’re looking for an Alaskan sawmill for sale with zinc-plated aluminum steel construction,this is the genuine option. Lightweight but can handle up to 32” wide beams. Some bolts and connecting joints can bend a bit.

Q: Is a chainsaw mill worth it?

A: Either chainsaw mill would be okay for limited cutting on a budget. Even if you decide to get a band mill, you’d probably keep the chainsaw mill for special jobs. Yeah, starting with a specific chainsaw mill is great (for cutting big slabs), but if you want to make lumber, look to the swing mill.

Q: How do you make a chainsaw mill?

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Q: What are the best chainsaw mills?

A: Granberg G777 Chain Saw Mill. The first chainsaw mill to review is this Granberg G777 from Alaskan. … GRANBERG G778-36 Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill. This is another Alaskan Granberg chainsaw mill,designed to make bigger cuts in your wood. … Timber Tuff TMW-56 Lumber Cutting Guide. … Carmyra Portable Chainsaw mill. …