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Craft Supplies

*Fabric Scissors - DO NOT Cut paper with these. I tied ribbon on mine so everyone knows they are only for fabric!!!

*Paper scissors- Keep em' clean & sharp

*Craft Glue- Elmers is great!

*Mod Podge- It does everything

*Stash of Fabric- I keep old sheets (or new ones if they strike my fancy), pillow cases and clothing. It all can be re-purposed

*Selection of pens & pencils- did anyone say Sharpie?!

*Paint & Brushes- Not a large amount, just a little will do ya

*HOT GLUE GUN- Keep it armed & ready!

*Selection of Paper- at the very least have a stash of printer paper and some thicker cardstock

*Needle & Thread- A must have for any household, crafter or not

Craft Supply Extras

These will make your projects extra special & your life a little easier!

*Paper Punches- Basic shapes are key & edge punches will spice any card up!

*Stash of Buttons- Vintage, colorful, shapes... the more the better!

*Stash of Ribbons- Cards, wreaths, art & sewing projects all use ribbon

*Kraft Paper- Get it in rolls or sheets, this really is a 'use it for everything' product

*Books you can tear apart- Vintage ones with already aged pages are great

*Bakers Twine & Hardy Twine - Wrap presents with these, add to homemade cards or what ever you like!

*Stash of tissue and crepe paper- So many uses, so little time

*Dried & Faux Flowers or Greenery

*Glitter- Need I say anything more about Glitter?

ANYTHING VINTAGE- Maps, lace, fabric, paper, photos ect... when you see something that strikes your fancy, PICK IT UP

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Favorite ETSY Supply Shops:

petit bonheur

58 and Grace

the gilded bee

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