How to Decorate With Moss

Are you a nature lover? Well you can easily bring a little nature in to your home by decorating with moss. I have see this quick craft done before in a variety of ways and wanted to tweak it and use it on something I already had in my home.
  I picked up this generic photo holder at Walmart for less than $5 a few month ago. It doesn't really fit into my style so I thought I could amp it up a bit. You could really take moss & a glue gun to just about anything, so be creative! Hope you enjoy!

What you will need: This one is pretty simple. A glue gun, a bulk bag of dried moss and what ever it is that you want to decorate. I like using two types of moss, it gives the project a little more dimension.

Start slow and steady. Use only a little bit of hot glue at a time and be careful not to burn your fingers. Ouch!
I put Spanish moss all along the base of my photo holder. With Spanish moss you need to bunch and roll it up a bit, other wise it is like gluing strands of yarn, which is difficult!

I went along the front and back because this is a three dimensional object that I plan on being viewed on all sides. If you do chipboard letters or something similar, feel free to just do the front and sides.

Then I continued on with the deer moss. It comes in big chunks, so I broke off small pieces and did a little at a time. I covered all sides of the letters, which was difficult in places because the letters are so close to each other. Perhaps you could use tweezers to place the moss if you have little nooks and crannies like this photo holder, I probably could have avoided a few finger burns by doing so ;)

Ta-Dah! What a beautiful nature inspired piece of home decor! Now it fits in perfectly with my home style, all I have to do is settle on a place for it. I was also thinking that this would be great to add some ambiance to a spring themed tea party, baby shower or bridal shower. As I said anything goes when it comes to moss and a hot glue gun, so go out there and moss it up! Hope you enjoyed this quickie ;)