DIY Country Kitchen Remodel – Part One

ok so I should have posted this a while ago… as you can see by the fall decorations in some of the pics that this part of the kitchen remodels has been completed for a bit. Actually, for more than 6 months, it has been like living with a split personality. Literally, one wall is done but when you turn around the rest hasn’t been touched.

Yes living in a partially completed dream kitchen is not only a pain in my rear end but it is mostly a pain in the hubs heiny because I keep changing my dang mind 🙂
uh this should go there… no there.. how about here? With a roll of the eyes, there goes another weekend of tinkering but no real progress.

Well, babe, I made up my mind and the final countdown has started! Vintage tin ceiling (from Matilda’s Mouse Antiques) is going up, retro school house lights are in, reclaimed wood flooring is being nailed down and retro appliances are being installed. Whoot Whoot! Smiley face and extra exclamation point!!!

Ok back to the pics. These will get you up to speed on where we are in our remodel.

Here are the hubs and little Lou scoping out the situation. Please note the newly installed dishwasher, butcher block countertop and farmhouse sink.

on of my favorite pics of all time! Lou helping out her papa. She would get excited when she heard the wrench ratchet back and forth and would proceed to jump up and down bouncing on his belly giggling.

farmhouse sink I heart you, I really do. But good job on the hubs’ part. Retrofitting a custom ’70s cabinet to a euro Ikea sink is a feat.

I originally wasn’t going to, but now I definitely recommend slapping on a few layers of polyurethane for a butcher block countertop. It really does class up the look and protect the wood. I am all for the worn rustic in look, but not for icky trapped germs.

so this part was a surprise. I was happy with just running bead board behind the sink but the hubs got to thinking about trapped moisture, then trapped mold, then tearing out and replacing walls… so he gave me this. A lovely subway tiled backsplash with glass accents. Still farmhouse friendly while keeping our kitchen walls safe 🙂

close up of his handy work. Can you believe this was his first time doing tile?! Bawh! I am a lucky gal. PS I am saving up for this cool commercial grade pull out faucet. Saving… one piggy bank at a time.

See what I mean by fall decor? But here is the completed wall of the kitchen. Beadboard, farmhouse sink, subway tile backsplash and new dishwasher…. sigh. Oh yeah! I replaced the hardware with bin pulls and white ceramic knobs. It is coming along very nicely.

We should have all the flooring done this weekend so the final product will be complete eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. is my girly excitement to much?

Thanks for stopping by. More DIYs coming soon. Most of them will probably be for kitchen and home decor!