Fabric Wrapped Embellished Bangle

   This is how all tutorials should be. It is easy peasy and super inexpensive. It took me all of five minutes! Which was perfect for my because little one numero uno was extra clingy and the big guy in my tum was kicking the bejeeze out of me. I have done this craft so many times, it is perfect for gifts, birthdays or just because! Hope you enjoy and please let me know how yours turn out. Thanks for stopping by!

What you will need: A wood or plastic bangle. I had this weird green one hanging around the house. You can also pick up basic ones at target, cvs, walgreens... basically anywhere.
Buttons of jewels to embellish with
Vintage fabric & a hot glue gun

Cut or tear your fabric into strips. I like to tear because I prefer the frayed edges. My strip was approximately 2.5" x 20". It is better to have a longer strip than you need as you can always trim off the excess. Add a dab of hot glue on the OUTSIDE of the bangle and press the edges of the strip there at a slight angle. The angle helps the wrapping process and gluing on the outside helps prevent unraveling and feels so much better against the skin.

Wrap wrap wrap and wrap some more :)

Trim the strip so that it will line up with the outside of the bangle. Add a dab of hot glue to secure.

Ta-Da! There you go a perfectly shabby chic fabric wrapped bangle. You are more than welcome to stop here, I have plenty of times. I love how these look by them selves, but alas my decorating gene took over and I HAD to add more!

Gat out your selection of goodies and add dabs of glue to secure in place.

Here is my Button Embellished Bangle

Love it!
Hope yours turn out great! Thanks for stopping by... gotta go attend to this blondie tugging at my sleeve yelling JUICCCCE :)