How to make a Faux Metal Rope Bangle

I am always on the hunt to find ways to make new DIY accessories. Tired of the same ol same ol friendship bracelets of fashion seasons past, I wanted to spice things up a bit. While I am still perfecting this technique, I am happy with the results so far and thought I would share the tutorial with you, even if I am still tweaking it. Hope you enjoy this quick tutorial on how to create a faux metal bangle bracelet with some twine and glue!

What you will need: Some twine or poly rope that you can find at the hardware store. The smoother the better. I tried creating a bangle with a fuzzy twine (that is pictured here) and I prefer the results from a smooth poly rope. You will also need some craft glue or fabric stiffener. A paper plate, scissors, hot glue gun and some metallic craft paint or spray paint.

*Start by measuring off three pieces of the rope for a simple braid. The longer the better, as you can always trim off the excess.

*Hold the three strands of rope together and add a glob of hot glue on the top and bottom of the strands. It is best to have the strands laying flat against one another in a row, as seen in the last picture above

*Once the glue dries, start your braid. I added some knots periodically, but you can just do a simple braid. Once you have reached a stopping point repeat the glue step by holding the stands flat next to each other and adding a glob of hot glue on the top and bottom. When measuring, imagine the bracelet is stiff like a bangle. It needs to be able to fit over your hand, out not fall off while wearing it.

*Then trim the ends in the middle of the where you hot glued the braid. You should have nice and neat ends that fit together well.

*Add a dollop of hot glue and smush the two ends together. Be careful not to burn your fingers. In the second picture you can see some other variations that I made. Be creative and throw in a 5-strand braid or twists and knots.

* Next drench the rope bracelet in fabric stiffener or craft glue. Let dry over night on a flat surface. Make sure to form a perfect circle.

*Last step is to coat with the metallic craft paint. I found that spray paint works best, but you could also paint it with a brush. I used a sparkly bronze color. I prefer rose gold tones to silver, but this would also look great with a shiny silver as well.

I do like it, but the smoother the rope you start off with the smoother the finish will be, which will resemble metal better. Other variations to be posted soon :)

Looks great in the last picture right? I will post some other versions I am working. Hope you enjoyed this quick accessories DIY. Perfect for gifts or just for yourself! Well.... it has stopped raining here and the sun has come out so I think I will go supervise the hubs and father in law trim the avocado trees and soak up some rays. Hope your week has started off well! Thanks for stopping by!