How to Make a Felt Heart Perfume Satchel

Aren't they just so pretty? I make these little guys when I need a dose of instant gratification ;). We all love accomplishing something, so I save these for the days when nothing is going right and I need to distress. Just be careful not to poke your fingers with the needle... just adds fuel to the fire.

Ok back to crafting. These are perfect to make and place in your drawers. It is so nice to open your drawers and smell something wonderful and see a pretty little thing that you made! Or give em as gifts... mother's day is coming up right?
Hope you enjoy this little craft and have a fabulous weekend.   


What you will need: Felt, decorative scrap fabric, needle/thread, perfume and lastly rice/lentils/small beans

First cut out a felt heart. You will need a front and back out of the felt. Then cut out decorative details from the scrap fabric. I cut out a smaller heart, but you can be creative and cut out letters for a monogram or what have you.

Then hand stitch the decorative fabric to the felt. Doesn't have to be perfect and play with what type of stitches you use. A running stitch is great, or a cross stitch or you could get all fancy and use a blanket stitch.

Then stitch the two pieces of felt together. These need to be tight stitches. I did a very messy and tight cross stitch. Leave a little opening at the bottom..

Rice works fine for this part, put I prefer lentils because they capture the smell longer and I like how they feel once sealed inside the satchel. Give the lentils a healthy spritz from your perfume of choice. Give it a few seconds to dry

Then gently scoop the lentils into the opening. Push them down inside so you get a nice even amount on each side of the heart. Close up the opening with the same style stitch you used on the outside of the heart and you are good to go! Pretty easy right? Here are some picks of the two I made. I like how the pink thread looks against the teal felt. Contrast is nice. Now get to stitching.

The little XO I added really makes it sweet right?

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial! Thanks for stopping by!