How to Make a Glitter Gumball Necklace

Who doesn't just love love love glitter?!
This one is for the glitter lovers... super easy and perfect for any party. Lots of my sister glitter lovers come up and ogle my glitter gumballs whenever they make an appearance. Ummm that sounded wrong. Ha! Hope you enjoy!

What you will need: A package of wood beads from your local craft supply store. They run about $3.50 for 20. You will also need q tips, a paper plate, a small paint brush, craft paint, glitter and mod podge.
*Start by shoving the q tip into the ball so it looks like a lolly pop :)    You may have to strip off a bit of the cotton to make it fit
* Squirt a glob of paint on to the plate and paint away. Really give it a nice heavy coat.

*Open you glitter container and swirl the painted bead in the glitter. Make sure you get all of it!
*Set it to dry on you plate and repeat the steps listed above to the desired number of beads.
* I let mine dry for a couple of hours then gave all the beads a heavy coat of mod podge. Don't worry if it looks white. The mod podge will dry clear
* I let them set out over night then pulled out the q tips in the morning. Then I took a bamboo kabob skewer and poked it through both sides of the bead to clear the hole. String on necklace chain or ribbon or colored twine.
Hope you enjoyed this quick update to your jewelry routine. It certainly will jazz up any outfit. My little Lou just had to model them.
Perhaps I will try finer glitter and some different colors next time.... I do have 14 beads left over :)

Thank your for stopping by! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. We were cooped up inside so mama got lots of crafting done in between snuggles and story time.