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    Welcome, welcome, welcome! First off let's tap our fingers on the keyboard in a round of fingerplause for Heather for organizing such an inspiring and fun guest post series Home Made Lovely. I mean come on! Who doesn't love to take a sneak peek into other people's homes?! The whole fly-on-the-wall-thang. Personally, I get my fix via local open houses, model tours and of course House Hunters on HGTV. And don't even get me started on home decor magazines. I think my husband finally cut me off at 10 subscriptions. Guess I should open up a nail salon with the stock pile I am accumulating.

   Ok, back to the task at hand. My name is Honor and you can find me almost daily at Home Heart Craft (Home is Where the Crafts Are). I specialize in a certain species of DIYs. The kind that take less than an hour to complete and cost less than $25 in supplies. Can I get amen to that?! Holla!
   I also muse about being a mother of two munchkins, a perpetual re-decorator and how to avoid being a hot mess in the kitchen. Check it out sometime, I'd love to have ya virtually stop by. You don't even have to get out of your pajamas or curl your hair.

     When Heather invited me to be a guest contributor on this series I was seriously honored (ha ha, I know very punny). But in truth, I was happy to be able to have a platform to share my (and my husbands) hard work. A girl has gotta brag some times, right?
    We bought this home and moved in a little under two years ago with a nine month old girl and a baby boy on the way. Let me tell ya, diamond in the ruff. Slowly and surely we have been polishing our little jewel into a place we can really call home. The greatest piece of advice about the home buying and renovating process came from our realtor. He told us to live in the house for at least a year and take serious notes before we did any major or costly renovation. What a life (and checkbook) saver that advice was! The ideas I had about decorating and renovating have absolutely nothing to do with how we live our lives now.
Carrera marble countertops? Are you kidding me Missy! Have you seen the amount of juice, tomatoes and oranges this family explodes on a daily basis?!
   So, we re-evaluated our renovating ideas and went with options that were durable, affordable and reasonable. And by we I mean I. The huz is kind enough to relinquish all decorating decisions to moi. He, in return, claims complete control over the garage and driveway. I think I got the better end of the deal
   But don't get me wrong. Reasonable doesn't mean boring by any means. Creating character in our home is my number decorating one priority. Builder grade is a dirty word in my vocabulary. So with out further ado, I welcome you to our great room. It is, well.... GREAT! In my humble opinion anyway....

  First up the kitchen/dining side, then onto the living room portion of the great room.

Home Heart Craft Home Tour 3Home Heart Craft Home Tour 1Home Heart Craft Home Tour 2 Isn't this little industrial cart just to die for?! Pretty much all of our furniture is sourced from three places: Craigslist, The Vintage Marketplace and Urban Barn. This cart came from the Vintage Marketplace. To me, a home is composed of a million little stories.
   Stories like how my husband was kind enough to pick up my dream pedestal dining table from an incredible craigslist score, only to have a motorcycle cut him off and the table flopped out top side down onto the street and skidded to a stop in the oncoming traffic's lane. When he got home and I saw the disaster that was piled into the bed of his pickup I asked, 'What in the SAM H happened!' His response was 'I though you liked the whole distressed, shabby chic look.' So if there is a lesson to be learned, it is to TIE DOWN all your once in a lifetime craigslist finds, or else you'll be like me dining at a table with road rash.

Home Heart Craft Home Tour 4
   Dutch door, dutch door, oh how I love thee, dutch door. We are blessed to live in southern California, with year round 70 degree weather and cool breezes, so this sucker stays open pretty much all the time. 
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 5
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 6
   Can't get more character then this. Rusty vintage pressed tin ceiling. Sourced from a local barn sale. My overall decorating goal is to use vintage building materials as much as possible. Now if only someone was tearing down an old decrepit barn down the street. But alas, living in SoCal does have a few downfalls. Barn wood in next to impossible to get. Unless you are willing to give up your unborn child, or a leg or your soul. Give up one of those and you can clad your entire freakin house in the lumber gold.
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 7>
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 8
   The pot rack is a homemade creation made by my husband. The pot and pan set was a gift for Christmas. Just way too pretty to be stashed away in cupboards, so he fashioned me up something completely custom and awesome. Lucky gal.
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 11Home Heart Craft Home Tour 9
  I made this, I made this, I made this. Did I tell you I made this colander light shade yet, cuz I made it. In fact I made three of them. You can learn how to do it here.
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 10
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 12
   I fretted over doing open shelving for a while. I wondered if it was going to look too messy or if I had enough dishes to fill up the space. Don't know why I even thought twice about it because I couldn't be happier with the decision to go front-less. I stashed the doors so if I ever change my mind I can screw them back on.
   That about sums up my whole approach to decorating. Just go for it. Life is too short to not try it out.
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 13
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 14
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 15
Brother and sister deep in conversation about Mandarin oranges and why they are so dang yummy!
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 16
  See told ya, road rash. I tried to cover it up with Spackle, paint and poly. Oh well.
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 17
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 18
  We are a serious photo family. Not that we are serious in our photos, just that we are serious about our photos. The man and I agree that we want as many of them printed and displayed as possible. It's not like we are trying to sell it, so why not? And why should the smiling faces of my cherub babies be stashed away? Pish tosh photo albums. I want a bajillion frames all over the place with friendly faces grinning back at me.
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 20
 As you can see above, our living and dining and kitchen are one giant space. I love that we can rearrange at will. My industrial cart island is on wheels and the dining table isn't all that heavy, so I am free to shove things around if the occasion calls for it. Like an impromptu dance party with my daughter to 'I will survive'.
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 21
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 22
   Collector I am. I have quite a few collections started. Windows, ladders, serving platters.... design magazines. Can you belive that these 'built-in' bookcases came from Ikea?! I got it in my head one day that we needed built-ins. So the mister and I put our heads together to do the math for how many ikea bookcases and trim were needed. Four biggies and one half plus 80' of trim. We nailed trim to the top, along the bottom and down all  the seams. Just a little bit of trim does wonders.
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 23
 I'm thinking busts are my next collection to start. He is a handsome little fella. Collections are another thing that really makes a house a home. A carefully curated assemblage of well loved pieces. Now that is heaven to a wanna be prop stylist.
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 24
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 25
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 26
 Our cozy (and very bright!) reading nook. Fashioned from four ikea coffee tables with custom cushions, this is where our kids play pillow mosh pit, wave good bye to their papa when he's off to work and cuddle up with a library book. This is a great example of what living in a space for a while before doing a major reno can bring. I never would have conceived of this idea if we had immediately demoed the space. And it's one of our favorites!
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 27
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 28
Home Heart Craft Home Tour 29

   And that's all folks. Thank you for taking a tour of our great room. One more aspect of this space that I have found to be a great success is that there is NO TV! Gasp! I know, how dare I! But having no TV in our great room has done wonders for revving up our intimacy and overall family connections. We talk more, play more, get irritated less, learn more, cook more and just generally enjoy life more.
   Don't fret too much for me, though. There is a great big ol TV upstairs in the family room. I get my fill of the Real Housewives after the kids are bathed, put to bed and the mister has his back scratched. It's just nice to utilize the whole 'out of sight out of mind', having the TV viewing area separate from our living spaces.

  Hope you have enjoyed this tour and that it inspired you to perhaps incorporate more character into your decorating decisions.

Thanks for stopping by! XOXO Honor