How to Make Hardware Store Jewelry

Hardware Store Jewelry
    Ever needed a quick gift & don't have time to run to the mall? Well hardware store jewelry is my go to answer for you. Using just what you have in the garage and your craft cabinet you can easily craft unique jewelry for a personalized and memorable gift. This is a 'light' tutorial because most of these pieces are fairly self explanatory. Enjoy!

     What you will need: Chain (heavier the better), ribbon, washers, nuts, twine or string and needle & thread

For this bracelet I used two types of chain, a 1.5" wide ribbon and a needle and thread. First I took the ribbon and measured generously around my wrist, leaving enough to tie a pretty good sized bow. Then I took the heavier chain and measured it to where it just met around my wrist. I had to grab some heavier duty wire cutters from the hubs garage, DON'T use your regular scissors ;) you will just end up hurting yourself.
Then I hand stitched the heavy chain to the ribbon so that it laid flat, do this while the ribbon is untied. About four places will hold it securely. Lastly I took two lengths of the thin chain and hand stitched it to the ends of the heavier chain and ribbon. Then I gathered the two smaller chains and stitched them periodically along the heavy chain and ribbon to create a draped effect. You don't want to be very generous with the draping because it will just get in your way when you wear the bracelet.  And that is it! I get lots of complements on this bracelet, it is pretty eye catching don't you think?

For this bracelet I grabbed some twine and two lengths of chain. I measured the chain so that it barely met around my wrist. Generously measure three lengths of the twine. Tie to twine to one end of the two lengths of chain, leaving a tail of 4"-5". Then simply thread the twine through the two chains. Lay the two pieces of chain flat on top of each other, and go in and out of the links continuing down one side. When you get to the end tie the twine securely to the two chain ends. I then simply tied the two ends together and left a long tail.
I like how this bracelet turned out. The two chains can lay beside each other, opening up like butterfly wings, or they can lay on top of each other making the chain look pretty heavy duty.

For this hardware store bracelet I snuck (is that a word? I believe there is a debate about it?!) some hex nuts from the hubs garage.... shhhh! Twine, tape and nuts is all you need for this one. To add some thickness to the twine I braided three separate sets of twine and then braided those together. Lots of braiding. It helps to tape the ends down while you braid. As you braid the three sets together alternate adding a hex nut to the outer piece. This does take some finger flexibility. You want to slide the hex nut on and slide it up holding it tight in the braid while you thread another hex nut on the other side. Sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, you are just braiding and adding hex nuts as you braid. To finish it off, simply double knot the ends together and unravel the ends of the twine.

For this necklace it couldn't get any more simple. Just measure off pieces of chain to the desired length you want. I hold the chain from collar bone to collar bone and let it drape down. Then measure off a long piece of ribbon and thread it through all the ends of the chain. Tie in a pretty bow, slip it on and you are ready to go! Or go wrap it up if you are giving it as a present. Hope you enjoyed these hardware store jewelry ideas. They are quick and simple, I usually keep my hands busy while watching Law & Order by making these.
Hope you had a great weekend!