Mason Jar Goblets

    I just visited one of my favorite flea markets. The Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow CA and I got this idea from one of the vendors there. You can read about my trip by clicking HERE.
   While she had some pretty great things, these Mason Jar Goblets were what really caught my eye. I examined them closer and low and behold!!! I can make them :)
  Basically built from two inexpensive parts this is one of the simplest mason jar crafts around! The vendor was selling each goblet for $15 bucks a piece and I made mine for .... drum roll please... a little over $2 each!!! Please enjoy!

What you will need: Candle stick holders from the Dollar Tree. The medium sized ones work best. The short ones are really squat and the tall ones just look funny.

What ever mason jars you have around. You can also pick up some at most grocery stores. They usually come in a case of 12 or so with the lids. I searched for more vintage looking ones, but these quilted ones will do just fine.
GLUE: It is all about the glue. I used Loctite Glass Glue, you can pick some up HERE . It starts off white but dries clear. The product description says it is dishwasher safe, but I recommend hand washing (like most wine glasses)

Apply to the candle stick top edge and have your mason jar upside down

Carefully place the candle stick on the bottom of the mason jar.

I added some extra adhesive around the edge of where the candle stick holder and mason jar bottom meet.

I did four and left them to dry for 12 hours in this position.

So pretty right? Of course you can use them for drinking, but oh! the possibilities are endless! Flowers, trinkets, holiday decor... you really can't go wrong with anything made out of a mason jar can you?

These quilted mason jars have a smooth part on the side, I'm thinking about some little chalkboard labels :) I'll let you know what I do, until then I'll just tinker around with them. Of course when I do a real quick craft the kiddo sleeps extra long on her nap and when I do a more labor intensive craft she is all up in by bizness.
Hope You enjoyed this quickie and I would be so pleased to see how yours turn out! Thank you for stopping by