Welcome to our master bedroom! Just a little sneek peek into our little love nest. While our room is not huge... it makes up for it in charm. For this little tour I focused on the feature wall of the room. I created this custom wallpaper out of a vintage themed scrapbook paper book. I fell in love with the patterns, maps & images of stamps as soon as I saw them... but alas I am not an avid scrapbooker so how could I justify purchasing such a large amount of scrapbook paper? A few brain scratches later and I came up with this quick DIY home decor idea. Wallpaper.

One evening to my hubs amusement and bewilderment I started randomly taping up the pages. I just kept going. Overlapping them and cutting pieces to create this great patchwork effect. This thick cardstock is acid free and fade free, so no matter how much sun it gets it will not fade, roll or become brittle. Perfect! I am the queen of instant gratification for home decor. I want to slap some paint on it and be done, not labor over tile choices for months... This little family is busy ya know! So, I hope you enjoy these images and use this idea for yourself. Perfect for a nursery don't you think?

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