How to make a Paper Mache Cuff Bracelet

Love being unique? Want to create a very personalized accessory? Well this tutorial is absolutely fabulous and right up your alley and you will be dieing to tell all your friends and family.... umm well actually this tutorial is a quick run through of how to paper mache. Something every crafter should know how to do. Instead of doing some boring average bowl, I spruced up this skill and made an accessory out of it :) Enjoy!
What you will need: Brown kraft paper. I had a big ol roll of it. You will also need some craft glue, scissors, tissue paper, glitter, cup, plastic wrap and a paint brush.
*Start by wrapping a glass in platic wrap. The glass should have to approximate diameter of how large you want your cuff to be.
* Cut up strips of the brawn craft paper. 2"-4" in width and 6" in length.
*Soak each strip at a time and lay around the glass wrapped in plastic. Soak in a mixture of two table spoons craft glue and a quarter cup water.
*Leave a 1/2" gap between the two ends of the kraft paper as it wraps around the glass. Think about how a cuff slips over your wrist.
*Continue to lay soaked strips around the glass. You want to build up a little thickness to give the cuff some strength after it dries.
*Cut one last strip extra long and wrap around the ends of the cuff.
* I then tore strips of tissue paper and placed on the cuff. I was not neat and allowed the tissue to bunch up in some places to give it texture.  As you place the tissue paper, lightly brush with the glue/water mixture.
*Set to dry over night
*I then brushed my cuff with gold glitter nail polish and sprinkled pink glass glitter on top before it dried
*Spray with clear coat on the inside & outside of your cuff and that's it!

What a sparkly masterpiece! Just don't let it get wet. The spray coat will help protect it a bit, but not enough to put under the faucet :) Hope your week is going well. Tomorrow I have some great product reviews lined up. Enjoy the pics and thanks for stopping by!