How to Make a Pearl Embellished Bangle Bracelet 

This DIY is more of an idea than a tutorial. Just a reminder that you probably already have great accessories laying about the house, you just need to be a bit creative with your household materials. I regularly raid my jewelry stash and tear up all the Forever 21/Clarie's ect jewelry. None of it is very expensive and it usually doesn't hold up to wear and tear very well, so I get rid of the cheap parts and keep the interesting better made components. Hope you had a great weekend! My in laws just left and our baby boy is kicking away like crazy, refusing to set things in motion. To bad he couldn't make is appearance while they were still here!

What you need & what to do: This a a real simple DIY. You just need a plain bangle bracelet, an old strand of faux pearls and any other jewelry you want to cannibalize. I had this old Forever 21 necklace that never hung right on my neck, but was made out of these great enclosed clear rhinestones. So out came my wire snips and I gathered all of the rhinestones and pearls into a cup. Lastly you will need a hot glue gun and lots of back up sticks.

After I had all my supplies ready I took some time and played with the combination and layout. I decided that I didn't want the pearls & rhinestones to go all the way around the bangle. Then it is as simple as add a dab of glue and place your rhinestone or pearl on the the bangle. Very simple. Enjoy!

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