Top 5 Tea Tree Oil Products

The fight against our own skin, acne, blemishes, and other imperfections is endless and sometimes seems impossible. I bet it feels like whatever you do you still end up with acne or other skin conditions. All of those promises from companies and products amount to nothing and you end up just spending cash aimlessly. Most people have to terms that there is no cure for this kind of condition. That is simply not true. There is always a solution. There are multiple solutions to skin problems, but I personally think that tea tree oil products provide the best results.

The main reason why I recommend everyone to try this remedy is that there are no downsides. It won’t cost you anything except the price. There aren’t any strange or scary chemicals in tea tree oil products that may cause irreversible damage to your face. No, these can be completely natural and have an anti-inflammatory effect which is also a bonus.

However, you should also understand that there is no universal solution for everyone that has experienced problems with acne, blemishes, etc. What might work for someone, does not mean it will work for you. You will need to go through a set of different products to determine which one is the right for you. To help you make the right decision, here is a list of the Top 5 Tea Tree oils.

Tea Tree Therapy – Best Oil Overall


For those that do not want to delve too deep into this subject and are looking for a simple solution for their skin or hair related issues, these products from Tea Tree Therapy may be the best all-rounder. It is quite well rated on Amazon too which is always a good sign. More than 80% of the ratings are 5-star rated.

While the product is mainly advertised for cleaning the skin, people also claim that it is a great way to deal with dandruff too. Just mix two or three drops with a bit of water and then pour it on your hair next time you are in the shower. Let it sit for two or three minutes and then rinse it off. You will notice a lot less dandruff and much clearer skin.

You can also combine it with jojoba or coconut oil for the best results.

Blue Steel Sports – Best Soap Overall


If you feel like oil products are too much for your hair or your face, you will need something simpler and more practical. The simplest tea tree product you can find on the market is soap. This soap from Blue Steel Sports is a great help for those that are very active throughout the day. In fact, the company advertises this product for athletes. A quick wash with this one after working out will keep your body fresh and relaxed.

According to the reviewers on most online shops such as Amazon and a-lifestyle, it smells great and it is quite thick. So, the price is probably worth it. It will last longer than you would expect.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo – Best Shampoo


There are thousands of different shampoos on the market and finding the right one seems impossible. One is best for oily hair, another will deal with dandruff and a third one will help strengthen the fibers of the hair. How can anyone know which one of these they should pick? Well through extensive testing, anything is possible.

However, tea tree shampoos can be a bit more universal and applicable to anyone. This is especially true for Paul Mitchel’s shampoo that utilizes this ingredient. The combination of all peppermint, lavender, and all kinds of other natural ingredients will make your hair smell great for the next couple of days.

Paul Mitchel’s shampoo will also have a great effect on your scalp, repairing the skin and reducing the amount of oil that is secreted over time.

Era Organics – Best Face Cleanser


I already mentioned that everything that is related to tea tree oil has a great way of dealing with acne and other imperfections that might show up on the skin of your face. But, instead of having to mix coconut oils with tea tree, why not just get two birds with one stone? Get a face cleanser like Era Organics which has tea tree ingredients in it.

Every morning, you can apply a bit of facial cleanser that will clean out your pores, give your skin a bit of moisturizing, and finally deal with those pesky acnes that you simply cannot get rid of. The combination of these ingredients surely makes for a great product.

The Body Shop – Best Moisturizer


The Body Shop’s moisturizer is a perfect option for those that suffer from oily skin every single day. A bit of shine on the face is not bad, but sometimes it is too much. Nobody wants that. With a good mattifying moisturizer, you can easily prevent that. The Body Shop’s lotion has a bit of tea tree oil in it which is another plus for your face. It will protect you against acne and will keep it healthy too.

There are over 800 ratings for this product on Amazon and a majority of them have left a positive review. Many customers are happy with the product because of its long-lasting mattifying effect. More than 60% of the customers have left a 5-star review and more than 10% a 4-star one. Most reviewers also claim that it is pretty lightweight on the skin and that it leaves a great scent.

Whichever of these products you pick, whether it is from The Body Shop, Era Organics, Blue Steel Sports, or any of these, I am sure they will have a great effect both on your hair and your skin. You may even notice big improvements after just one day of applying these products. Just make sure that you do enough research before you make any kind of purchase. You should never regret the purchase you have made when it comes to your skin or hair.


Q: What is the best brand of tea tree oil?

A: Rey Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil Old Tree Tea Tree Essential Oils For Skin Soulflower Tea Tree Oil (Essential Oils) Elansa 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Khadi Natural Pure Tea Tree Oil Allin Exporters Tea Tree Oil Aroma Magic Tea Tree Essential Oils

Q: What are the dangers of tea tree oil?

A: Confusion A lack of muscle control or coordination of voluntary movements (ataxia) Decreasing levels of consciousness

Q: What is tea tree oil and how does it work?

A: Overview. Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the tea tree. … Uses&Effectiveness. Possibly Effective for… Mild to moderate acne. … Side Effects. Tea tree oil is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when put on the skin. But it can cause skin irritation and swelling.

Q: Does tea tree oil smell good or bad to you?

A: What does the smell of tea tree oil do? If you force yourself to smell tea tree oil , you won’t inhale its health benefits. Like other topical medications for skin irritation, tea tree oil has antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which soothe red, itchy or puffy skin and ward off cutaneous infections (similar to lavender).