Tissue Paper Pom Pom

   How to make a tissue paper pom pom

   Every so often I will post skills or tips that any decent crafter should know how to do, this is definitely one of them! I use this quick craft all the time. From my little girls room, to party decorations to gift embellishments, the possibilities are endless. Hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to make Tissue Paper pom poms!

What you will need: Tissue paper (eight sheets minimum), scissors & thin wire or thread

Start by laying out the tissue paper flat. I alternated the poka dot and stripes because they are printed only on one side (darn you dollar store! really you don't carry any solid color tissue paper?!)
Then you will start your accordion fold. About 1" in thickness.

Here is what an accordion fold looks like if you don't remember

Fold till you reach the end of the sheets. You should be left with a folded strip

Tie the thread or twist the thin wire somewhat tightly across the center, you don't what to crimp the tissue paper but you also don't want the knot/thread to slip around

Now decisions decisions. Do you want pointy ends or rounded ones? Just snip away to your preference. Make sure you get all the folds so you don't have wonky ends

Gently unfold one side of the accordion.

This is the tricky part. Gently pull one sheet away from the others. I give it a little bunch/crinkle to add fullness to the pom pom. Alternate to each side, see how I pulled one sheet out from the top and then one from the bottom? I have found that this works best to get a nice round shape

Continue pulling out the sheets, then switch to the other side.

There you go! Find the end of the thread or wire and hand as desired! I hung these from an ugly light fixture to spare my sore sore eyes....

And here is the reading corner in my little girl's room. I love that when you lay on the day bed and look up you see this bright and cheerful arrangement! Garlands, pom poms and paper lanterns... what more do you need for a cozy reading corner?!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you add this quick craft to your arsenal of homemade decorations!