Best Headphone Amp under $100 – 2023 Buying Guide

Headphone amps are designed to serve several purposes and these purposes include boosting signals of audio sounds, helping to eliminate buzzing, fuzzy or even distort sounds which are not pleasing during recordings.

Their importance in the industry today cannot be overemphasized as they also play a huge role in providing you with the best listening experience ever by producing or offering every user crystal clear and impressive sounds.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For Quality Headphone Amplifiers

However, certain factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing a good and reliable headphone amplifier and these factors include:

  • Equalizer
  • Audio clarity
  • Volume control
  • Price
  • Portability
  • Reviews

A Step By Step Guide On Selecting A Good Headphone Amp Under $100

There are numerous headphone amps available today but we want you to sit and go through this review as we bring you the best headphone amplifiers that would match your one hundred dollar budget:

5. Nobsound NS-08E Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier Mini Audio HiFi Stereo Headphone Amp

If you want an amplifier that would power even headphones with high performance then the Nobsound NS-08E Vacuum Tube integrated amplifier is the ideal product to handle such task and despite coming in a small and compact size, it is also designed specifically to provide any user with the best audiophile performance ever known.

This highly rated headphone amplifier is tasked with delivering high fidelity, superb bass and crystal clear sounds and it comes with everything you need such as 6J9 vacuum tubes, headphone amplifier and power supply so you can get to work immediately you open its box.


  1. Good quality despite being compact
  2. Helps in warming up sounds
  3. Affordable
  4. Produces good and impressive sounds


  1. Keeps delivering a buzzing sound
  2. Arrived with a broken tube


Despite having a portable and compact size, the BEHRINGER MICROAMP HA400 is one headphone amplifier that is making waves on the market today thanks to its impressive features and design.

Despite the level of competition on the market today, this top quality amplifier has found a way to carve a niche for itself as it boasts of operational amplifiers with the lowest level of noise which plays a huge role in delivering an impressive and remarkable audio performance.

Unlike most headphone amplifiers that you would find on the market today, the BEHRINGER MIRCOAMP HA400 is one that takes away the thought of getting a replacement anytime soon as it boasts of high-quality materials used in production which helps in promoting durability for long-lasting use.

It also comes fully packed with a 12V DC adapter so you can start making use of this amplifier right out of the box.


  1. Designed to meet consumer’s needs and expectation
  2. Great product
  3. Recommended for studio recordings
  4. Easy to work with
  5. Compact in size


  1. Has no off and on a switch
  2. Comes with no rubber switch for desk use

3. Pyle-Pro PHA40 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Coming at a very low and affordable price, the Pyle Pro PHA40 4-channel stereo headphone amplifier is one headphone amplifier that comes with up to four headphone inputs found right at its front panel that helps in providing you with amazing and excellent sound monitoring solutions.

This amplifier is considered as the most versatile amplifier that you would come across on the market as it can be used for practicing with your band, for watching movies or even for any solitude group activity.

Another major use of this quality headphone amplifier is for better audio listening quality and it can also be used in the studio for practicing and mixing of records.


  1. Works wonderfully well
  2. Works exactly as described
  3. Helps in boosting sounds
  4. Affordable


  1. Doesn’t boost headset performance
  2. Product arrived broken
  3. Its power adapter produces an annoying noise

2. ART Pro Audio HeadAmp 4 Four Channel Headphone Amplifier 

The ART Pro Audio HeadAmp four-channel headphone amplifier is one that is specially designed for use either in a professional studio, for personal projects or even for use in home studios.

If you are the type that wants a headphone amplifier that will provide you with control over every sound level then you should consider the ART Pro Audio four channel headphone amplifier as it proves to come in handy irrespective of the setup or application.

One major benefit that comes with going for this product is it allows you to connect extra headphone units to any laptop, iPod, media player, workstation, computer audio interface or even a mixer while its dual inch outputs and inputs helps in eliminating distortion and reducing noise for a far better performance.

It also boasts of power LED design which helps in informing you when this designed is on or turned off.


  1. Easy to work with
  2. Great product
  3. Works effectively in generating clear and perfect sounds
  4. Considered to be the best compact headphone amplifier
  5. Works exactly as described


  1. There isn’t any response from the ART
  2. The left ear seems to be the only functional ear

1. VOX AP2BS amPlug Bass G2 Guitar Headphone Amp

The VOX AP2BS am plug bass G2 guitar headphone amplifier has been at the top of its game since 2007 and with recent development in technology, this highly rated headphone amplifier has improved immensely as it now comes with three extra modes to help deliver a professional and impressive performance.

A rhythm function and multi-effect functionality have been added to the bass types and guitar types respectively as well as an easy to fold plug which is designed to rotate up to one hundred and eighty degrees has also been added.

If you want an easy way to improve on your sound output then this headphone amplifier proves to be the ideal product for the job which contributes to why it is greatly preferred by most bassists and guitarists.

One advantage that this headphone amplifier has over other products available today is it comes with up to nine rhythm patterns to select from which makes way for effective and convenient practice.


  1. Compact
  2. Also comes with drum beat pattern inclusive
  3. Recommended for constant practicing
  4. Produces great tones and sounds
  5. Works exactly as described


  1. Arrived with dead batteries installed in it
  2. Produces noise even with the volume greatly reduced

Other Interesting Products Include

1. Neewer Super Compact 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier with DC 12V Power Adapter for Sound Reinforcement, Studio

When talking about high-quality headphone amplifiers, the Neewer super headphone amplifier is one that cannot be overlooked as it is widely used and built to be reliable and it also boasts of high versatility as it can be used for personal, choir, stage, studio recording and even for sound reinforcements.

It is widely used as it boasts of several attractive properties such as having a wide frequency response, high sonic quality and minimal noise and with this headphone amplifier, there is every guarantee that users can power up to four different headphones thanks to its high level of flexibility and reliability.


  1. Works as described
  2. Fast delivery service
  3. Enables multi-tracking
  4. Compact
  5. Convenient


  1. Cheaply made
  2. Not as durable as expected

2. Neoteck Headphone Amplifier Portable 3.5mm Audio Rechargeble HiFi Earphone Headphone Amplifier with Lithium Battery

Convenient, portable, compact, lightweight and delicate are some of the essential features of the Neoteck headphone amplifier and one reason why this headphone amplifier is widely used and popular among customers is due to the fact that it comes with high-quality outputs and inputs which makes way for the production of sharper, high stereo and louder sounds.

Durability is guaranteed when talking about this well-constructed headphone amplifier thanks to its aluminum matte surface and it also boasts of a fashionable design that enables users to hold it their hands while on the go.

It is also well designed to be compatible with other devices such as MP4, MP3 or any other digital device while its powerful lithium-ion battery guarantees up to eight hours of use when fully charged.


  1. Great customer service
  2. Well made product
  3. Fast delivery service
  4. Works as described
  5. Durable
  6. Compact yet powerful


  1. Generates excess static when in use

3. YOHOOLYO Portable Headphone Amplifier Audio Powered Headphone Amplifier Black

This is one device that allows for the easy connection with other devices as it comes with a 3.5mm jack which enables users to connect with compatible devices easily and it also comes with a powerful in-built battery which can be charged using a USB input but one impressive feature of this powerful batter is it can last for as long as eight hours when fully charged.

Having a classy appearance is also one of the notable features of this headphone amplifier and its basses are solidly built t be extremely cleaner and stronger as well as not producing or generating any form of distortion.


  1. Has more than enough gain
  2. Powerful device
  3. Sounds good
  4. Also recommended for use when gaming
  5. Straightforward design


  1. Generates static
  2. Not as durable as expected

4. FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier (Black)

Thanks to the use of carefully selected components and also featuring a unique and iinovative design, the FiiO A3 portable headphone amplifier is one that would prove its superiority to other products available on the market as well as providing users with superb and amazing sounds.

Unlike other low-quality amplifiers, this well-designed headphone amplifier would provide pr produce amazing and loud bass sounds for your listening pleasure and one notable feature of this product is its shiny aluminum chassis and body which doesn’t only provide it with a sleek appearance but also helps in promoting durability for long-lasting use.


  1. Superb bass boost
  2. Sounds great
  3. Works as described
  4. Also recommended for car use


  1. Extremely long connector cable

5. Indigo Portable Powered Headphone Amplifier with Dual Outputs and 2-Level Boost

The market today is filled with several headphone amplifier products but one product that cannot be overlooked is the Indigo portable headphone amplifier which is well designed and packed with exciting features that would help to improve your listening pleasure no matter where you are.

One impressive feature of the Indigo portable headphone is the fact that it comes with a dual headphone jack which also boasts of a Smartphone support so users can freely make calls with it and unlike other poorly designed headphone amplifiers, this top quality product comes with a powerful battery which lasts for as long as eight hours when fully charged so you can listen for longer hours.

It also comes with an analog knob which enable users  to select a suitable volume level or even find it quite easy and convenient to operate.


  1. Simple and perfect design
  2. Enables connectivity with other devices
  3. Sounds great
  4. Also recommended for movies


  1. Low gain
  2. Not as loud as expected

Final Verdict – What You Should Know

It is actually safe to say that the products which we have rounded up for you are the best, portable and reliable headphone amplifiers that you can trust and these products are all legendary brands that would deliver whether they are used in a studio setup or for professional use.

Feel free to go through each and every one of them so as to find the one that best meets your needs and requirements.


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