Wax Paper Pressed Flowers – Tips and Pro Techniques

Get ready to have a flashback to elementary school with this craft tutorial. This is very similar to melted crayon wax paper crafts, but with a more grown-up and ‘springy’ twist. Now go for a little walk through your yard and pick some interesting little flowers and leaves. The daintier the better, try to avoid bulky roses πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

What you will need: A roll of wax paper, tear off two large sheets. Fresh flowers and leaves (like I said earlier, dainty works best!), scissors, a couple of paper towels and your iron.

For my first trial, I gathered some daises and alyssum.

Snip and arrange the flowers how you like on a single layer of wax paper. Take another sheet of the same size and place on top.

It is best to have plenty of space between the flowers and surrounding them as well. You want to have as much contact between the two sheets of wax paper as possible. This creates a better ‘seal’.

Cover with a paper towel and press your hot iron down firmly. I had mine on a medium setting with no water. Make sure you are ironing on a firm surface, a cutting board works great.

Let cool and there you go! You might want to go back over certain spots if you see that the two sheets of wax paper have not bonded well.

For this first run I trimmed around the edges of the pressed flowers with my Martha Stewart lace edge punch. Then I poked two holes and strung it up with some twine. Thought it looked pretty in my bathroom window.

I did a second round of wax paper pressed flowers. I found some dainty yellow weeds and some lavender, no need to be picky. Boy did the lavendar smell fabulous while I ironed it. Might have to come up with a lavender craft soon. That sent is just so relaxing πŸ™‚

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Here I made a simple calendar with tracing paper, twine and some card stock. Very sweet…. I’m thinking a mothers day gift is coming out of this.

A simple work of art, looks great on my scrapbook wallpaper.

I’ll probably end up doing a series of these to put up in my office. Just need a few more weeds to sprout up πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoyed this trip back to elementary school with wax paper. Thank you for stopping by!