Fabric Yoyo Flowers
Yoyo flowers have been around for ages and I have always been curious as to how they are made. I have heard that they are simple enough... they have to be right?! Have you seen those yoyo quilts that are covered with them! For this tutorial I made yoyo flower hair pins. I have seen similar ones at Anthropologie (my absolute favorite store EVER.. if I could live there I would :) )
   If you find a stash of pre-made yoyos please skip ahead! Hope you enjoy!

*What you will need:
Fabric (I prefer vintage, in this project I used an old pillow case that already had fabric covered buttons.)
Needle and thread
bobby pins or more heavy duty hair clips
extra embellishments if desired 

You will also need a pencil, scissors, craft paper (for making a template), bowl or cup you can trace (about 5" in diameter), thick felt & a hot glue gun

Here are some examples of extra goodies that you could embellish your yoyo with. You are welcome to use simple buttons, fabric covered buttons or any earrings/ jewelery you are willing to cannibalize 

Start by tracing your cup or bowl on to the craft paper

After you cut out the pattern, trace it on to the fabric. Make sure you use a pencil that won't show up or you can simply trace onto the wrong side of your fabric.

Cut out the traced circle

Start by stitching a quarter inch seam around the perimeter of your circle. Make sure you have a generous amount of thread, enough to go around the entire circle with some to spare.The farther apart your stitches are the looser the gather will be on your yoyo and the 'eye' of the yoyo will be much smaller. Closer stitches result in a tighter gather but a larger 'eye'. A tighter stitch is good in this case, because the 'eye' will be covered with a button or embellishment

After you have stitched around the perimeter gently pull the thread tight. It will cause your yoyo to gather.

Stitch the gather in place

Flatten your yoyo out and there you go! The difficult part is over!

Cut out a small circle of the stiff felt. This will be the base of the hair pin

add a dab of hot glue

press the hair pin on to the glue. Make sure not the glue the hair pin closed! I like to glue it on the straight side. Did you know the wavy part of the pin is supposed to go against your head anyway to prevent slippage?! Oh the things you learn on the back of a goody package :)

add a dab of hot glue to the other side of the stiff felt

and press onto the back of your yoyo

decide what will cover the center of your yoyo hair pin and add some more hot glue

press onto the center

and there you go! what a beautiful and easy craft! Perfect for gifts or just because! Be creative with what goes in the center of the yoyo. I have cannibalized a ton of thrift store jewelry for these types of projects!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I really love yoyos and use them on all sorts of projects. Please let me know how yours turn out or if you have any questions/comments!