10 Best Broadhead Targets 2024 – Improve Your Shooting Skills

Most shooters get confused as they don’t know what broadhead target to practice with before going on a real hunt.

However, some of the key features one needs to know about broadhead targets include; long-lasting quality, durability, easy removal of arrows and even resistant to arrows which ensure it won’t get damaged despite getting shot at constantly.

Also, broadhead targets must be compatible with the arrows and bow to be used and to cut the whole story short, come with us as we take you to meet the top five best broadhead targets to enhance and boost your shooting skills.

A Complete Guide to Best Broadhead Targets

5. Rinehart 18 – 1 Broadhead Target

Rinehart 18 - 1 Broadhead Target
Featuring about eighteen sides, the RinehartA broadhead target is well designed to handle up to eighteen targets and one of the benefits that it brings is it allows any shooter to practice shooting anywhere and anytime.

This broadhead target would hold up well and take shots upon shots and it also boasts of self-healing foam design which ensures it withstands heavy use and every arrow shot at it.

It comes backed with a one year warranty as it boasts of a top-quality material construction that guarantees long-lasting use.

  • Durable target ever made
  • Stops broadhead with minimal effort
  • Dense rubber design ensures easy removal of broadheads
  • Product arrives not looking perfect and clean as advertised
  • Pulling out arrows leaves target material getting stuck on the shaft


4. Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target – Designed for the Crossbow Archer

Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target

One notable feature of the Block Black crossbow archery target is it boasts of a high-density core design which would stop any crossbow bolt flying at a fast speed and this broadhead target also comes with a surface specially designed to stand any crossbow that comes its way whether it is a long, close, precise or real shot.

This broadhead target features a four-sided and high contrast shooting design which promotes higher visibility and thanks to its offset point, this target boasts of an extended target life.

It also comes with an open layer design that tends to stop arrows using friction and not force and this, in turn, helps to make removing arrows quite easy.

  • A rock-solid design which stops any arrow
  • Allows easy removal of the arrow
  • Recommended for high-speed crossbows
  • Bolts are a little bit difficult to remove
  • The product arrives with damaged corners


3. GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core

GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core

The GlenDel buck 3D archery target features a life-like buck image and it comes with a poly fusion technology that helps ensures that the inner target is fused with internal layers, therefore, ensuring easy and quick removal of arrows as well as ensuring compression of a uniform layer.

One impressive feature of the GlenDel archery target is it boasts of a shooting surface with five times the insert than most targets available today and this shooting surface allows for more than a thousand shooting practice shots.

This target is specially designed to stop all field tip arrows and broadheads.

  • Top-quality material construction which promotes durability
  • Still holds well despite taking several and numerous shots
  • Features a sturdy design
  • Arrived on time
  • Arrows are difficult to pull out


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2. Block Classic Archery Target – Stops Arrows with Friction not Force!

Block Classic Archery Target

The Block classic archery target boasts of a two-sided design together with a well constructed open layer design that ensures the stopping of arrows.

One impressive feature of this broadhead target is it is designed in such a way that it stops arrows by using friction and not force which in turn allows for quick and easy removal of arrows.

The Block Classic archery target also boasts of a white-on-black high contrast design which guarantees accuracy and better visibility and it would also be transported and handled easily using its well-shaped and designed handle.

It comes in about three sizes.

  • Produces a satisfying thump when hit by an arrow
  • Well designed to hold up well
  • Arrows can be easily pulled out
  • Suitable for use with compound and recurve bows
  • Not recommended for crossbows with a degree of velocity
  • Handle tends to rip off easily


1. Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

Great visibility is guaranteed when using the Block GenZ series youth archery arrow target thanks to its white on black, high contrast aiming lines which help to increase every shooter’s aiming power so as to improve on accuracy and eliminate the difficulty.

Specially designed for new and people who are still learning the art of archery, the Block GenZ series youth archery arrow target is designed to for bows with a draw weight less than 40 pounds or bows that weight exactly 40 pounds.

One impressive feature of this archery target is its open layer technology which allows for longer target life as well as making arrows very easy to be removed irrespective of the arrow being used by the shooter.

  • Well designed to stop and hold arrows which also means it can be used in perfecting hitting the target
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Ideal for shooting while using a longbow
  • Strong construction which promotes durability
  • Tends to rip off easily
  • Doesn’t last long as its longest-lasting period isn’t more than a week


Other Ideal Broadhead Targets Includes

1. Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target

Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target

Specially designed for high-speed crossbows, this well-designed broadhead targets from the famous MORRELL is one that is specifically designed for practice by hunters whether you are a professional or an amateur and not only is this broadhead target ideal for use when it comes to shooting with crossbows but it can also be practiced with using hairbows and compound bows.

The beauty of this broadhead target is it is designed in such a way that it has a high ability to withstand numerous shots and with this broadhead target, users would also find it extremely easy to take away or remove arrows after being shot into this target.

However, this is certainly one broadhead target that is solidly built to last as it is made using quality materials which guarantees it lasts for a long time.

It also comes with a unique graphic design that aids better visibility during target practice and it also comes with a targeted cover that can be easily replaced so as to extend product life.

  • Easy to pull out arrows
  • High-quality target
  • Durable
  • Big and nice
  • Worth the money
  • Solidly constructed
  • Not recommended for practicing with crossbows


2. Block Vault 4-Sided Archery Target

Block Vault 4-Sided Archery Target

When preparing for the new hunting season, it is quite necessary that you get every gear that you would be needing and one gear which cannot be overlooked and which is highly recommended is the BLOCK VAULT 4-SIDED ARCHERY TARGET which is recommended for practice before embarking on any hunting adventure and one feature that makes this archery target stand out from the rest products on the market is its POLYFUSION technology combined with a high layered density core which promotes easy removal of arrows from this target.

Having up to four sides hunters can shoot at and also having offset aiming points makes this archery target the best target for improving hunters aim and it has a high stopping ability or high stopping power which provides this archery target with the ability to stop anything that’s being shot at it whether it is an arrow or even a field trip.

  • Durably made archery target
  • Ideal for targeting
  • Not too heavy
  • Easy removal of arrows
  • High stopping power
  • Can be used as a gift product
  • The product arrived already damaged


3. Block Classic Archery Target

best broadhead targets

This is a classic two or dual-sided archery target which every hunter would love to add to his hunting and practice gear today as it is considered to be quite effective and suitable for practice before the start of the hunting season or before embarking on any hunting trip and one impressive feature of this well-designed hunting archery target is its open layer design which works effectively in bringing arrows and field tips to a stop.

Not only would its open layer design help in bringing arrows that are shot at it to a stop but it also promotes easy removal of arrows which also contributes to why this archery target is popular among customers and widely used. This archery target boasts of sharp black and white color contrast which provides abetter aiming point as well as providing high accuracy with high visibility.

It also boasts of a lightweight design combined with a well-shaped handle which makes moving about or transporting this archery target quite easy and convenient.

  • Excellent design
  • Lightweight
  • Holds arrows well
  • Affordable
  • Worth the money
  • Also recommended for mechanical broadheads and field tips
  • Not ideal for practicing with crossbows


4. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target

best broadhead targets

Specially designed to take a beating, this top quality archery target from the famous MORRELL company is one that every hunter would love to practice with so as to help improve their shooting and aiming skills and whether you prefer hunting with a crossbow, there is absolutely nothing to worry about as this archery target is built to work with a crossbow and also to take several shots.

This is one archery target which is made to last for a very long time as it is made using high-quality materials which ensures this archery target stays resistant to arrow attacks and lasts for a longer period of time and it also boasts of a two-finger arrow removal design which means that arrows can be removed easily from this target after being shot at it.

It comes with grommets and handles which aids easy transportation when it comes to moving about with this hunting target and it also boasts of a high visibility target design that aids better and proper sighting during practice.

  • Nicely made target
  • Easy withdrawal  of arrows
  • Worth the price
  • Affordable
  • Built to overcome thousands of shots
  • Durable
  • N/A


5. Champion Traps and Targets

Champion Traps and Targets

This is another solidly built archery target which one would come across on the market today when considering the best option to settle for and durability is one of the key features of this well-designed hunting target as it is made out of the finest materials which do not only guarantee long-lasting use but also ensures that this target endures or withstands tough and rigorous use.

It has a simple design which makes it quite easy to work with and not only would its simple design help in bringing arrows that are shot at it to a stop but it also promotes easy removal of arrows which also contributes to why this archery target is popular among customers and widely used.

This archery target boasts of a sharp and colorful color contrast which provides a better aiming point as well as providing high accuracy with high visibility.

  • Can be used as a gift item
  • Affordable
  • A great addition to any hunting gear
  • Does its job
  • Thin like paper



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Q: What’s the best Broadhead?

A: Grim Reaper Hades. The Grim Reaper Hades is a fixed,3-blade broadhead with a spear point style chisel tip.

Q: Can you use broadheads to shoot targets?

A: Thankfully, you can use broadheads to shoot targets, however, depending on the material that the target is made from you could risk breaking or dulling your broadheads. Let’s consider some of the different types of targets and how they might affect a broadhead.

Q: What is the best archery bag target?

A: Archery Target; Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Discharge Bag. SpyderWeb ST 18XL Field Point Crossbow Block Target. Archery Target; Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-425 Field Point Bag.  Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag Target. Block Black 4-Sided Crossbow Broadhead Target. Delta McKenzie Targets Crossbow Discharge Bag Target.

Q: What is the best archery target?

  • Archery type. The first thing to consider about an archery target is its type.
  • Bag Target. Bag targets are the basic archery targets.
  • Foam Block Archery Target. Block targets are the most durable archery targets.
  • 3-D Practice Target. 3-D Practice Targets are best to use with compound bows.

Conclusion – What You Should Know

Listed above are the best broadhead targets that would help to improve aim and help you hit your target and we hope that after going through this review you would be able to find the one that best meets your needs and requirements. The products listed here are very durable, ensures easy removal of arrows, and guarantees that arrows would be stopped no matter the force it comes with.

To master your shooting skills, enjoy every hunting experience, and capture fresh game, we urge you to carefully select the one that best suits you from the options listed above.

Bestseller No. 1
Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target 18"
  • 4-SIDED SHOOTING – Contrasting aiming points on all 4 sides. Shoot field points at the "wrapped" sides and field tips, broadheads and expandables at...
  • EASY ARROW REMOVAL – Patented open layer design stops arrows with friction not force allowing for easy arrow removal and less shooter fatigue
  • PORTABLE – Lightweight with a convenient carrying handle
  • ECONOMICAL – Great price and long-lasting durability
  • MADE In the USA
Bestseller No. 2
Field Logic Block 6-Sided Arrow Archery Target with Polyfusion Technology, Black, 18 x 18 x 16...
  • LONG LASTING TARGET - PolyFusion layered core uses friction not force to stop your arrows, increasing the life of your target
  • EASY ARROW REMOVAL - With our layered construction, you can remove the arrow with just one hand
  • VERSATILE - Stops all field points and broadheads.
  • SIX SIDED SHOOTING TARGET - Multiple aiming points on all sides, the tan on black graphics are easy to zero in on.
  • PORTABLE - Recessed handles for easy portability. 18" X 18" X 16", weighs approx. 15 Lbs
SaleBestseller No. 3
Rinehart® 18-1 Broadhead Target
  • 18-1 TARGET: Rugged cube-shaped crossbow target features 18 different faces, so you can keep your archery skills at their peak
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightweight with convenient easy-carry handle for enhanced portability; Practice at the club, backyard, the woods, or even hunting camp
  • VERSATILE: Broadhead capable and tough enough to handle up to 500 FPS; Crossbow approved for added use and versatility
  • DESIGN FEATURES: Solid signature series self-healing foam protects the shape and integrity; Highly visible target zones
  • SPECS: Dimensions (L x W x H): 15 x 15 x 15 inches; Color: Black and green
Bestseller No. 4
BIGSHOT Pro Hunter 16 Multipurpose Broadhead Archery Target
  • Easy arrow removal for high speed crossbows and compounds up to 375fps
  • Five tuning faces to improve multiple aspects of archery and hunting
  • Designed for broadheads or field points
  • Tapered design to match shooting plane of the archer
  • Elasto-Flex self healing foam extends target life for thousands of shots!
SaleBestseller No. 5
Morrell Targets Yellow Jacket 380 FPS Dual Threat Weatherproof Compound Crossbow Cube Any Tip Foam...
  • Crafted from high-density foam, this crossbow target offers unique durability, ensuring it can withstand countless arrow strikes while maintaining its...
  • Approved for use with compound bows and crossbows, this archery target block foam is a versatile choice that can halt arrows flying at speeds of up to...
  • Engineered to stop field points, fixed blades, and mechanical broadheads, this archery bag target allows you to explore various arrow types and...
  • Weatherproof surface ensures that you can take your target on outdoor adventures without worry, whether you're practicing in the rain or enjoying a...
  • With dimensions of 16 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 18 inches tall, this archery broadhead target strikes the ideal balance between size and...
Bestseller No. 6
Field Logic Block Classic 18 Archery Target, Black
  • 2-SIDED ARCHERY TARGET - Measures 18" x 18" x 14" – Also available in a 20” and 22” model
  • EASY ARROW REMOVAL and INCREDIBLE STOPPING POWER - Patented open layer design stops arrows with friction not force allowing for easy arrow removal and...
  • GREAT VISIBILITY - High contrast white-on-black aiming points offer great visibility to help shooters at short and long distances
  • PORTABLE – With a built-in handle, the BLOCK Classic is easy to transport. It is also light-weight!
SaleBestseller No. 7
Field Logic Block Infinity 22" Archery Hunting Target
  • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY - The new BLOCK Infinity locks in a new level of extreme stopping power specifically designed for today’s high-energy...
  • ULTIMATE DURABILITY - BLOCK Infinity Crossbow targets are constructed around a high-density layered-foam inner core encased with an exterior foam wall...
  • BLOCK’s POLYFUSION TECHNOLOGY -This exclusive technology allows the exterior face to assist in slowing bolts, while letting them find a path between...
  • EXTENDED TARGET LIFE - The six-sided exterior features six individual shooting faces with five unique designs strategically-placed to offset aiming...
  • GUARANTEED STOPPING POWER - Safe for use with field points and both fixed and expandable broadheads and guaranteed to stop standard diameter arrows...