DIY No Beading Indian Beaded Bracelet – Step by Step 2024

What is not so cool is how time-consuming they seem to be. Granted I have never tried to make one, they just seem to be time-consuming.

Plus I don’t have any of the supplies required to make them.

So here is what I believe to be a clever way to make a faux Indian beaded bracelet.
no beading indian beaded bracelet diy
I picked up a pack of leather snap bracelets from Hobby Lobby… three for $2.99. These were originally intended for leather etching/carving but were just perfect for this DIY.

I had the puff paint on hand (.99 cents each). My tips/pointers are to WORK SLOWLY… and always shake the paint into the tip of the puff paint bottle before applying. This will help you to avoid blowouts.

Also, I recommend taking a break halfway through the bracelet and putting your puff paint in the fridge for a few minutes. If the paint becomes to warm it will not be as ‘puffy’.

I have a few more undecorated ones…. think I will try out a more complicated design but this easy chevron design is a good starting place.

Ok, nighty night… see you in the morning/evening/noon…. whenever you stop by.