DIY Anniversary Gifts: Handmade Ideas That Show Your Love and Appreciation

During our lives, we will have many personal and important dates. There are a few anniversaries that need to be honored the right way. Buying an expensive gift is not always the best option. There is so much more you can do to show our love and appreciation. The best way to go around anniversary gifts is to make a DIY project. Presenting someone with a handmade gift can hit the right spot. The effort and attention you need to have to do something by yourself for someone else truly shows how much you care.

When it comes to anniversaries and gift ideas for her you can find a few amazing ideas if you click on this link. When you’re together for a long time you’ll need more and more imagination to hit all the right spots each year. This is why you need to be crafty. The more time you spend with that special someone, the more anniversaries you’re going to have. Each year, you need to go far and beyond compared to what you did the previous year. Are you already out of ideas?

Don’t worry, this is where we’re going to step in. There are many DIY anniversary gifts you can surprise your loved one with. All you need to do is to be a little bit patient and follow our lead. In the article below, we are going to walk you through some great handmade ideas that could spice up any anniversary. Do you have an important date coming up? Worry not, we got you covered. Check out what we have in store in our ‘do it yourself’ department.

1. Map of Hearts


Many of us have girlfriends or boyfriends that come from different cities or an area. Commemorate this difference of yours. It can be done by mapping your locations. But, be romantic. All you need is a map of your locations and a little bit of craftiness. Show that you care by mapping out the places from where you’ve started your romantic interaction. All you need is a picture frame, some paper, and of course cutouts of a map. You need three locations. The palace from where you are; the place where your loved one is; and a place where you’re now. It’s simple. Use the paper to cut three hearts. Between each heart, you need to put one of the locations. Frame it, and show appreciation of your beginnings and current state. Once finished, this DIY gift will be a framed picture of heart-shaped locations that are important to you and your loved one.

2. Love Coupons

It is easy to be romantic. The best form of romance is the one that comes from the heart and the hands of a loved one. This is where love coupons come in.  All you need is a basket or a box in which you will pack the coupons. Of course, you need to design the coupons yourself and fill them with ideas. So, what is a love coupon? Well, it should be designed as a coupon for grocery shopping. But, instead of groceries, your partner will receive free romantic gifts from you for a prolonged period. You can give them a coupon for each week of the year. There is no need to go overboard. Some coupons might be for a movie night at home, while others can be for a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant. You can make some of them chores that you’ll do together. Just be imaginative. Do the dishes together, or paint the bedroom with a loved person. Everything is fine as long as it includes both of you.

3. Cookie Jar Mix


You can’t go wrong with cookies. All of us should know this. Everything made in the kitchen is made with love. Some people say that the road to anyone’s heart leads through their stomach. A romantic dinner with wine and pasta is a nice touch, you need to spice it up a little bit. The best way to do this is by doing some baking. Even if you’re not too adept at baking, the effort will make up for it. All you need is a jar for cookies and some ingredients. Just make sure that baking isn’t the only gift. A plain jar won’t impress anyone. You need to step up even in this artistic department. Paint the jar, or write a message on it. Of course, you should also decorate it with a ribbon.

4. Do Some Knitting

This is taking DIY to another level. Let’s make one thing clear, knitting is not easy. It is a craft. But, that’s where the secret lies. Before you’re able to knit a hat or a scarf you’ll need a few dozen knitting lessons. Of course, some of us were taught how to knit by our grandmothers, but not everyone is as lucky. This is where the secret lies. A hat or a scarf are amazing presents on their own. But, if you want to leave an impression you’ll knit them yourself. Imagine the look on the face of your loved one when they see what they’ve received as a present. A hand-made scarf by you. This would be enough to swipe anyone off their feet. The love and dedication required for this type of present are on another level. But, if it’s a really important anniversary this is the road you need to take.

5. Message in a Bottle


Go romantic. Go overboard. Drown them in your love. It’s easy. A message in a bottle is quite a present for anyone. Just imagine it. What you need to do is to get one massive jar or a bottle, and a couple of dozen miniature ones. Fill the small ones with messages of love and appreciation. The next step is to fill the big one with a lot of small ones. Make sure that there are enough messages of love and support. You can go overboard and create 365 messages for each day of the year. But, if you’re not in the mood, you can make a message for each month, or every week. Mondays are good to go too.

6. Photo Clock

When two people are in a relationship for a long time, what matters the most is precisely that – time. The time you’ve spent together, and the time you’ll spend together. Of course, the most important part is the time you’re spending together right now. So, a clock seems like an ideal gift. It is. You just need a few tweaks. These days it is easy to make a clock. You just need a few spare parts and a frame. But, before you assemble a clock you’ll need to add that personal touch. That shouldn’t be too hard. The best route to take is to have a personalized clock. To do this you need to put your joint picture as the background. At the same time, you’ll receive three things. The first one is of course a nice gift by all means. The second one is a device that shows you the time. The third thing is a framed picture of you two. It is a great memento for all people in love. It is a sign that you want your love to last long. Just put some effort into it, and you’re good to go.

7. Beard Oil or Bath Bombs


You can choose either. It all depends on which partner is making the present. The Internet is a great place. You can find a recipe for almost anything. So, making a fine orange-smelling beard oil shouldn’t be an issue. All of the ingredients are easy to find. The situation is the same for bath bombs. Every lady and a few men love a good bath. It is more relaxing if you can spice the water with some bubbles and some nice oriental smells. You can also find ingredients with ease and make every bath memorable. You can even add an extra touch and make the bath bombs heart-shaped. The ideal situation would be that you give each other these presents at the same time. When you’re long enough with someone you know that the time is right for DIY presents. Nothing can top the cosmetics. We all love to appear pretty and smell nice.

8. Paint a Photo

Not all of us have that artistic touch. But, this could be a DIY present but a long one in preparation. Painting a huge portrait or depicting an event from your life is a job for an artist. You’re not one, but please, aspire to be. How hard can it be? Well, it can be quite hard, but that’s the point. You’ll need years of practicing for a decent picture. But, that’s what will make it perfect. At the end of the day, even if you fail, the effort will be appreciated. You can use this as a side present. Give them a portrait for each anniversary. This way you’ll be able to show them how much you care, and how much progress you have made. For some, this might be a little too much of a DIY effort, but we’re sure something from our list will fill all the boxes you want.