From Drab to Fab: Transforming Your Home and Garden with Decor

We all have something in our house we don’t need. Sometimes we come close to throwing it away but change our minds the next second. Maybe that something is so appealing and durable that we don’t have the heart to get rid of it. Or, maybe we hope we will use it again someday.

If this has also happened to you, it is time to finally get rid of the aged stuff by transforming it into something that you use every day. It is a great measure to save money, be more environmentally amicable, and utilize the same thing differently, especially if you are emotionally attached to it.

You can transform an old item from drab to fab by putting your hands to work and making a unique piece. Recycling assignments are satisfying, enjoyable, and great for kids to learn debris management. If you wish to purchase house and garden decor accessories to add an individual taste to a house, you can find on this site.

This blog lists some most useful out-of-waste concepts to assist you in creating unique and attractive items for your home and garden.

For Your House


While decorating your house, you can easily shop for hundreds of cute elements in the market. But that won’t add a personal touch to your space. If you wish to give a sense of originality to your house and make it feel comfortable, the best thing to do is to craft new items from the old stuff.

Recycling ancient materials to make something fresh might seem tiring, but when you jump into the process, you will realize how utterly satisfying and wholesome it is.

Here are some old items that are perfect to effortlessly transform the beauty of your house:

1. Fruit Boxes

If you are sick of using old fruit crates in the kitchen but don’t have the heart to dispose of them, don’t worry we have a solution for you. Fruit boxes, whether made of wood or plastic, are a perfect space to store your books, cosmetics, and other ornaments you usually tend to lose. These boxes also make up a shelf to place your plants and other decorative stuff.

2. Ancient Jars


Old glass bottles are a common recycling item that has been utilized for generations. If you have a few jars lying around in the kitchen that you don’t have the heart to throw, utilize them to preserve foods or store dry fruits. It will make the space appear more appealing!

You can even place colorful candles or stones inside the jar and put them on your bedside table. You may also buy old vinyl records from the flea market to have your guests turn their heads when they visit you.

3. Used Cans

Old food metal cans are another item ideal for recycling to transform your house. You may use them in the study as pencil holders or in the washroom to keep your toothbrushes and other stuff.

Cleaning aged metal jars can be tedious, but the results will pay off since they are highly durable.

For Your Garden


Decorating a garden with recycled art materials is an affordable way to make it look prettier and more authentic. You may use many cute ornaments to form a unique design that aligns with your backyard decor and backyard landscaping. Some other handmade garden ornaments include wind chimes, birdhouses, shelves, vases, and railing decorations.

Using recycled crafts to adorn the backyard will transform its beauty and add an innovative taste to the outdoor setting.

Here are some old items that are ideal for effortlessly upgrading the beauty of your backyard:

1. Glass Jars

Aged coffee and glass jars are the perfect elements to create lamps for your garden. You may also utilize them inside the house to add a green taste to the balcony or attic. Employing a mixture of diverse figures, hues, designs, and textures will help you create something unusual.

After collecting the jars, wrap a slim wire around the bottleneck to make a set of lamps.

2. Gardening Tools

You can use various cultivation devices, such as rusty nails, aged screws, metal keys, wooden pieces, watering jars, and pots to add a dramatic taste to the landscape. Such items may not look attractive ideally, but when you decorate them using plants and blossoms and paint them, they will give a new, ingenious, and unique look.

3. Old Spoons

These items might not appear appealing, but you can decorate them to enhance their appearance and utilize them as wind chimes for your backyard. Spoons may seem unusual for adornment but are ideal for house gardens to give them a unique appearance and showcase your skills.

4. Plastic Bottles

These are some of the most common items used to decorate their homes. But if you are new to it, let us help you.

If there is a plastic jar lying around your house that you no longer need, cut it in half and put some soil and plant seeds. Now take some paint or thin string to cover the jar and make it look beautiful!

Wrapping Up

The next time you visit a thrift shop, a yard sale, or a flea market, make the most out of them by purchasing inexpensive items for your recycled crafts. You won’t realize it now, but turning old stuff into a different and new element will give you a sense of achievement. It is also an excellent way to dispose of all the clutter in the house and personalize your space.

From used to broken or mismatched items, you can use a range of these items to upgrade space and enhance its beauty. Once you start recycling old materials you will soon learn that almost everything in your house is reusable. You can use your skills to transform anything into a cute decorative item and give your space a sense of originality.

We hope reading this article will encourage you to use old items for better purposes because crafts made using natural materials look homely.