7 Gadgets Every College Student Should Have

The use of technical gadgets by college students is one of the biggest changes in education.  These devices help them stay focused, get ready for work, and even help them relax when taking a break. Certainly, not all students can afford to chill out because of the overflow work and the lack of time. Some undergraduates prefer to handle the problem with Writepaperfor.me helpers, while others stick to the idea that devices are able to load off their schedule.

Before entering the university, students should think not only about buying books and stationery but also about choosing a decent gadget that will ease a tough academic routine. Such devices need to be functional, convenient, and cheap. Today, we have prepared a list of 7 gadgets making the educational process more efficient. They will be useful not only during your studies but also after getting a degree!   

1. Laptop

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No matter how trivial it sounds, but a laptop is the first thing a student should buy to store, write, or download educational materials. You could also use a laptop for entertainment to watch movies, listen to music, play games, or work remotely. The ideal choice is a laptop with a diagonal of 14-15 cm, as the devices with a large screen weigh a lot, and it’s inconvenient to transport it. If you aren’t willing to carry bulky equipment, then choose a netbook. Don’t forget to pick up a large fabric bag or case for your laptop to store and carry a few notebooks, stationery, and papers.   

2. Cell Phone

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A student always needs to stay in touch, and a functional smartphone will help him. Modern smartphones allow students to check emails, find textbooks needed, chat with classmates through downloaded apps. As soon as you pick up a smartphone, keep in mind to install the following programs: Office for Android, grammar checker for your college papers, a puzzle alarm clock that makes you wake up and not to miss classes, voice recorder, calculator, dictionaries and translators, daily schedule, and calendar.  

If you buy some accessories, you will make using your smartphone even more convenient. A protective case will protect your phone from scratches, chips, and a broken screen. A Bluetooth headset will allow you to talk even if your hands are busy.   

3. Portable Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive

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Although modern technology allows you to store over 80% of the information in cloud storage, there is still some data that you should always bring with you in case you don’t have the Internet or a laptop at hand. While using a laptop or PC to store papers, don’t forget to copy the most important files to a hard drive or a USB flash drive

Even if you lose, drown, or break your laptop down, your essays or research paper, personal photos, and documents will not be lost. Today, you have a wider range of portable storage devices of different sizes, depending on how much data you will store on it. If you are a forgetful student who often loses stuff, get a USB drive in the form of a key chain and attach it to your keys or bag.  

4. Power Bank

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These days, there are a lot of ways to stay in contact and avoid the low-charge of mobile phone batteries at the most important moment. If, after long-lasted classes, your mobile phone battery is almost dead, and you haven’t left the college yet the portable charger, Power Bank, will help. You can connect your smartphone to the independent power source using the USB cable. After that, you could use your phone right away or wait until your battery is recharged. When you choose Power Bank, pay attention to its capacity, the number of ports for gadgets, size, and weight as you will bring your device with you all the time. The models in metal cases are more durable than plastic portable battery chargers. 

5. Offline Wi-Fi Router

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Sooner or later, each college student faces the situation when the local Internet doesn’t work properly or even disappears for a few hours or days. Such a situation could be critical, especially when you have to meet your college assignment deadline. In this case, you will be saved only by your own autonomous router. All devices connected to this router use the Internet within its tariff package. If an unlimited package is paid on the router, it will be unlimited for all devices. You can connect to a portable router, not only a smartphone or tablet but also any device equipped with a Wi-Fi module. 

6. Smartwatch

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A smartwatch is one of the best devices for college students that help you maintain healthy habits by tracking all your activity and exercise besides your sleep, so you can realize how much you sleep. This watch is a great option for most students as it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can check incoming text messages in class without taking your phone out.

Smartwatches might be useful, for example, in busy places or while driving a car when you have no opportunities to use your phone.  You can easily call, send voice and text messages, set reminders, and do many other things without taking your eyes off the road. Some young people are suspicious of smartwatches and call them fashionable toys. It depends on how you’re going to use it. Someone considers a watch like a simple notifier, and others make the most of the available applications.

6. Wireless Headphones

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College dormitories are full of various distracting noises, but if you want to stay focused, you need to block these distractions with noise-canceling earmuffs and immerse yourself in work. It’s also convenient to listen to audiobooks while walking to classes, and no wires will bother you. They also offer other great features such as silicone earpads for music control and attention mode when you want to talk to someone. 

The headphones can work for one day without a charger. Another advantage of headphones is independence from a mobile device. The user can leave the mobile phone charging and, at the same time, use earmuffs. They also have a separate player, built-in memory, or battery. The wireless headphones allow you to play a sound file without being dependent on your smartphone.


Q: What is the best device for college students?

A: Asus ZenBook 13 (2024) Apple MacBook Air M1 Microsoft Surface Go 2 Asus Chromebook Flip C214 Dell Inspiron 14 Dell G3 15

Q: What are the best gifts for college students?

A: The best gift ideas for college students are useful,but fun — like comfortable sneakers,new headphones,or a good scented candle. As a recent college graduate myself,I can confidently say that this list is a really good place to start your shopping. It covers tech gifts,beauty products,and much more for college-aged men and women.

Q: What apps do college students need?

A: Notion. Platforms: Android,iOS. … Soundnote. Platforms: iOS (iPad only). … Office Lens. Platforms: Android,iOS. … SimpleMind. Platforms: Android,iOS. … Microsoft Office. Platforms: Android,iOS. … Mathway. Platforms: Android,iOS. … Any.do. Platforms: Android,iOS. … Oxford Dictionary of English. Platforms: Android,iOS. … Picolo. Platforms: Android,iOS. … Uber. …

Q: What are the best study apps for college students?

A: CityMapper. By entering your current location and intended destination into the app,you can see the different ways you can get from A to B. Trainline. Via this app,you can book train fares within the UK. … Santander Cycles. Cycling is an environmentally friendly way to get around London. … TfL Go. … London Live Bus Countdown. … Uber. …