11 Must-Have Gadgets To Paint a Wall of Your House

Can you even think about stepping into a battle-field without the must-have weapons? Of course, not. The same is the case with painting a wall. Either you want to paint a wall or a ceiling of your place, some tools are necessary.

You don’t need to have fancy gadgets to paint a wall of your house completely. But pro painting tools must be there to make a mark in painting your house. Do you think there are some substitutes for wall paint? Unfortunately, there aren’t any.

The mistake most of the homeowners do is they buy cheap and low-quality wall painting gadgets, which give them a poorly finished feel.

Painting a wall is an art, and you cannot be an artist without all the necessary essentials. Do you? Are you looking for some attractive, useful, and must-have gadgets to paint the walls of your house? Here are 11 tools you should buy:

1. Painter’s Tape

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It is mandatory to tape off the surface, which is not supposed to be painted. Different types of tapes are available for different surfaces, so it is up to you to find a perfect one for your project. If you want to remove the paint, you need to wait until the paint is completely dry. Sometimes, latex paint starts pulling away with the tape.

In such a case, make sure to use a utility knife in order to make a small cut at the point where the tape meets the paint. It is recommended to have a close look at the release date of those paint tapes. Usually, 15-30 days are required for tapes to come off.

2. Paint Tray

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Having a paint tray is as necessary as any other essential paint tool. If you are using a paint roller, a paint tray is an obvious option. Metal paint trays are preferred over any other types of trays along with disposable plastic inserts for various colors.

A paint tray will help you manage all the accessories for wall art. If you are using a roller, dip it into the paint well (that is present over your paint tray). Most people paint the wall by standing on a ladder.

You cannot keep a balance until you have the tray to keep all the essentials on it. Don’t even think about start painting a wall if you don’t have a paint tray to keep all the required goods in one place. Understood?

3. Edger

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Metallic or even a plastic edger can be favored over taping if you are looking forward not to paint a certain area like window molding. Having an edger can make this job easy for you as you will be required to hold the edger against the area you don’t want to paint.

Once you hold it against that area, make sure to apply the paint along the outside edge. Before moving your edger, always clean it with the help of a rag. If you don’t clean it with a rag, chances are there that you will accidentally drag your paint to an unwanted area. In this regard, the edger is one of the most crucial tools for wall art.

4. Paint Brush

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Can you even think about painting a wall without a paintbrush? Obviously, no. Rollers are recommended to use for covering the large wall space. On the other hand, it is suggested to use paintbrushes to cover minor details and small areas of a wall.

If you want to apply oil paint to your wall, the natural-bristle brush is the obvious choice. Polyester brushes are used to deal with latex paint. The use of an angled brush can make you do the wall art easily because you will be able to paint straight lines along with areas of trim. If you are looking to fill large spaces, make sure to use flat-handed brushes.

After you paint the wall, make sure to decorate it with some wall accessories. There are many pieces available at the marketplace, InspireUplift. These accent fixtures will help to uplift the newly painted space even more.

5. Stepladder

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Never underestimate the importance of a stepladder to paint without any trouble. According to TheHomeDigs.com, it’s very important to use a stepladder for painting work. Always choose a ladder keeping in mind ‘the safety first’, then the height of your room. Usually, 4-feet to 6-feet ladders are used for painting an average room wall.

You can paint the ceiling by standing on top of that ladder as well. When you stand at the very last step of your ladder, even a 4-feet high ladder can make you paint an 8-feet room. One of the best things about stepladder is that you can move it with the help of your hand.

Even if you are holding the dipping pail with one hand, you will be able to move it with the other hand. Always wear slippers when you stand over a stepladder.

6. Dipping Pail

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Don’t you need a dipping pail that you can carry to dip your painting brush or roller? Obviously, you will. Dipping pail is a hand strap, and this has made this painting tool feasible for people to paint walls and other areas of a house.

Normally, a dipping pail does have a magnet that can hold the brush ferrule. A brush ferrule can make you get disposable liners so you don’t have to clean the container again and again.

7. Roller

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Nothing can beat a roller if you need to cover a large area. Rollers come in different shapes, and you must use a roller according to your paint. If you intend to use oil-based paint, natural roller like wool are perfect. Whereas, one must pick a synthetic roller for nylon-based paint.

The length of a roller does play a significant role as far as the smoothness of the paint is concerned. The shorter the nap of the roller, the smoother will be the finish of the surface. Moreover, a roller can be moved back and forth easily as compared to paintbrushes. This is one of the reasons people prefer roller over ordinary paintbrushes to cover large areas.

8. Canvas Drop Cloths

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Canvas drop cloths are obvious winners if we compare them with ordinary plastic sheathing clothes because the former will be easy to spread. They are also non-slip, which makes them a safer option. Canvas drop cloths are best to use while taking care of hallways, stairs, etc.

When you are cutting or rolling, and you will need to have those drop cloths. Especially while looking to paint the stairs, you are more vulnerable to risk. In such a scenario, canvas drop cloths will work perfectly for you.

9. Clear Plastic Bucket

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Don’t you think it’d be difficult to pour paint into the large gallons than pouring into the plastic buckets? Lifting the gallons is undoubtedly a hectic job, and you cannot do it again and again. When you paint the walls of your place, you need to pour paint every now and then.

Having a clear and small plastic bucket will make you keep it close to you without any kind of trouble. You can dip a small brush or a roller into the bucket easily, which is the best thing about it.

10. Extendable Handle

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Have you ever seen a pro painter operating with the help of an extendable handle? Mostly, you will see these sorts of things on T.V commercials. They use an extendable handle in order to gain leverage and strength of both hands and arms. This handle not only provides them with strength, but they will be able to move their hands quickly too. You can get yourself this extendable handle too if you are looking to paint your wall flawlessly. These handles will make you save from the wear and tear on your hands as well as on your wrists.

11. Paintbrush Cleaner

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A paintbrush is a definite choice if you are up to paint your home’s wall. What about paintbrush cleaners? Have you ever used a paintbrush in your life? You need to use it with the utmost care, and you will be required to clean them more often than not if you want to get high-quality paint results.

One cannot buy so many brushes, as these brushes are pretty costly. So, it is recommended to use a paintbrush cleaner when you are painting any area of your house. Having a paintbrush cleaner can make you use the same brush again in the future without any kind of damage.


No matter how expensive your interior is, if your place is not painted properly, it won’t give a satisfying feel. There is no need to pay the hefty amount to the wall painters, as you can paint any wall of your house yourself. All you need are some of the tools and gadgets (which are not costly too), and you will be able to give your wall any sort of look you want. There is no need to buy expensive instruments to paint your place. Instead, you must rely on some of the basic tools to paint your house. The tools we have mentioned above is everything you need. Why don’t you get them all and try painting a wall on your own?


Q: What tools do you need to paint a room?

A: An extension pole is a necessity for high walls and ceilings in general. The extension pole can screw into most paint rollers and edgers that have a hole for the extension pole. Buy one today, your neck will thank you but your chiropractor will miss you. 8. Drywall Tape Knife: Painting trim is the final step in painting a room.

Q: What is the best way to paint the edges of walls?

A: Perfect for cutting along the edges of walls, ceilings and other trim. You simply load up the absorbent white pad with paint, and then place the rollers along the edge of your wall or trim, and push the paint out into a smooth clean line. No paint brush needed!… or tape really!

Q: How do you use a paint Guard tool?

A: Paint Guard One of the best tools for small touch-up projects, when you don’t want to pull the tape out. Just press the metal or plastic narrow edge up against the adjacent wall or flooring that you want to protect, and paint on the opposite, exposed side.

Q: Can you use a touch up painter on walls?

A: For quick paint touch-ups around the house, invest in the Shur-Line Touch Up Painter, available at hardware stores. “If your walls take a lot of abuse, this little gadget holds extra paint for easy touch ups,” says Manfredini. It works for most patching jobs and nail holes.