8 Must Have Tools for Home Appliance Repair – 2024 Buying Guide

Let’s describe one situation that all people in the world experience sooner or later. You just got married and your first goal is to move into a new home and start a new life. Becoming a first-time homeowner is the most wonderful thing. It has a sentimental value that the majority of couples gladly want to use. However, deciding on the move like that means that you need to be ready to act responsibly. More precisely, you need to prepare yourself for different home repairs that will become part of your everyday routine.

Home appliance repair requires certain tools that will make things easier for you. Logically, the first rule that you need to respect is to improve your skills associated with these tasks. Yet, even if you possess the necessary skills, working with the wrong tools would make things more difficult. Despite that, not having them won’t allow you to finish your work in the right way.

Fortunately, you came to the right place. In this article, we will make a list of must-have tools for home appliance repair. After you read the article, you can easily go to a store and purchase all of them.


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Some homeowners like to say that multimeter is the most important tool for the home appliance repair process. You don’t have to a genius to realize how to use a tool like that. Without any big effort, you will easily test and diagnose almost every electrical component. The purpose of the tests is to show you if there is a continuous electrical path. Of course, the path like that can potentially be present from and to the part that you decided to test.

The results you get from the multimeter come in two different forms – positive and negative. If the test is negative, then you won’t need to accomplish any additional testing. You will know the exact reason why the appliance you have isn’t working.

There is one good reason why a tool like that can be helpful for you. Many times when we repair some home appliances, we believe that we found the problem. After that, we go to the store and purchase the part that is not working. When we replace it, we get stuck with the same problem. In other words, we spent our money with no good reason.

When you look closer, a multimeter is a cost-effective solution. As we said, diagnosing is the toughest part of the entire process. Because of that, it would be good to find the most effective way to determine the problem. It seems that multimeter is the best chance you have.


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We don’t want to say that you will need all kinds of pliers. In the beginning, it will be enough to get needle-nose pliers and channel locks. However, we do recommend you purchase them in a couple of different sizes. Let us explain to you why both tools can be quite useful for every homeowner.

Needle nose pliers can be great for removing different types of wire connectors from the terminals. Despite that, you will easily manage to grab screws that are stated in small places. In most cases, your hand will be too big to reach them and grab them. On the other hand, certain appliance repair operations require a stronger grip. Because of that, channel locks are a great choice if you want to remove hose clamps.

Screwdriver Kit

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We are sure that you understand why the screwdriver kit would be a great tool for you. However, we would like to share one tip that most people should know. It doesn’t truly matter which type or size of the screw you plan to remove. You must find the correct bit. Using the wrong tool won’t allow you to complete these tasks correctly. You are just risking to strip the head of the screw which is something you would want to avoid for sure.

Cleaning Equipment

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As you know, the appliance repair process will be one of the dirtiest tasks you need to handle. Because of that, you need to ensure that cleaning items are always near you. When everything is clean, the entire process will be much easier for you.

There are two different tools that every homeowner will need. You should purchase a handheld steam cleaner and a small shop vac. We don’t want to say you should clean every area while working. However, leaving a mess behind doesn’t have any sense as well.


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Having only one spanner is not going to be helpful for you. Different home appliance repair operations require different spanners. Because of that, you should have those ranging from 8mm to 19mm. More precisely, you should have those that feature sizes like 10mm, 13mm, and 17mm.

Putty Knife

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The item that allows you to pry components that fit the tab to the slot is a putty knife. More precisely, you should have a couple of them that are suitable for different purposes. People mostly use it to scrape up debris. We usually find debris while going through the repair operation. As we said, the mess is one of the things you want to avoid because of several different reasons. Fortunately, a putty knife can be great for the accidental mess that homeowners accidentally make along the way.

Protective Equipment

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Personal safety is should be the main priority when working with different types of home appliances. Before everything, you should disconnect and disable any electrical appliance you are working with. You can often hear people saying “It won’t happen to me” or “I will do it quickly”. There is no reason to expose yourself to such a risk. You need to ensure a high level of security in every single moment.

Despite disconnection, it would be good to get a pair of gloves. We are sure that your hands are not made of leather. Working with dusty and chemically-oriented appliances also requires some additional equipment. It would be good to use eye goggles in that case. In the end, getting a flashlight would make the entire process easier for you. You will manage to see every detail clearly and fix it in the best possible way.

Bonus Tip: Ask for Help

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As we said, working with gas, electric, and induction appliances is not easy. You need to spend some time learning how to accomplish these tasks. If you don’t want to invest your time in improving your skills, you might want to hire an appliance repair company. In case this seems like a better option for you, we recommend you visit https://fix-appliances.com/ for more information.


Q: How to find reliable appliance repair?

A: – Do these guys service my area? Hiring someone whom it will take hours to get to you is not the greatest idea. … – Do they work with my appliances brand? Every appliance brand tries to out-mantle the competitor, which make the job of home appliance repair experts just a little harder. … – Do they offer a guarantee for their work? Things happen. …

Q: How much does it cost to repair an appliance?

A: The cost for appliance repair will mostly depend on the type of appliance being repaired. Repair costs can range anywhere between $70 and $500 depending on the appliance and type of repairs needed. Prices for repairs will be higher when the appliances are more complicated or more difficult to work on due to their location.

Q: Who pays for appliance repair?

A: If the landlord refuses to pay for repairs to the appliances, the tenant can make the repairs and deduct the cost from the rent. This depends on the terms of the lease. Simply becuase the appliances are there at the time you rented the apartment, it does not mean the landlord is liable or not liable for repairs.

Q: Who to call for appliance repair?

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