Best Security Cameras 2024 – Review

Recently, the popularity of video surveillance cameras that are mounted on private property or to protect the facilities – has significantly increased. The advancement of technology has greatly contributed to that – but also the increasingly affordable prices of video surveillance. Video surveillance has become a normal phenomenon that we meet on almost every corner. Precisely because of the large offer, it is sometimes difficult and complicated for us to decide on the brand and type of video surveillance system. So we hope to help you with our tips for choosing the right security cameras for you.

How To Choose A Video Surveillance System?


Owners of private homes, buildings, or companies now have a wide selection of cameras at their disposal that can help them secure these facilities. However, the problem for people who come into contact with this technology for the first time is: Which cameras to choose – that is, which will best suit their needs? So, if you are not sure how to choose adequate video surveillance that will meet your needs –  we will give you a few tips that can help you come up with an ideal solution that will fully cover all parts of the facilities you want to monitor. You only need to plan a few things well, and you will certainly not make a mistake. If you are looking for custom video surveillance check out

What To Do In The Beginning?


Before you decide on a CCTV system, you need to do a few things:

●     Make a plan of the facility you want to cover with surveillance

To determine what you need, it would be good to draw a plan of the facility – and determine all those parts that would be good to cover with video surveillance. Since it is very expensive and inefficient to monitor every part of the facility – it is important to map only those key parts that will be most useful to observe.

●     Choosing the right place to place the cameras

Once you’ve determined which parts of the subject you want to capture – it’s important to find the right place where the camera can be placed. You must pay special attention to this, considering that the installation of cameras requires a solid surface, and it is necessary to have a source of electricity nearby. It is also important that the camera has nothing in front of it that could interfere with the angle of its shooting, but also that the camera is in an accessible place for maintenance.

●     Choose cameras according to their purpose

Many types of video surveillance cameras can have different functions. Logically, cameras with more features are significantly more expensive compared to those with fewer features. That is why it is important to pay attention to that so that you do not spend large sums of money in vain. If you want video surveillance in the interior of the building, check this and find out more about the installation of CCTV systems. Also, you may not need to get cameras that are resistant to all possible weather conditions. Such are placed outside. If you only need to shoot during the day, then you don’t need a camera that has specifications designed for night shooting. Also, if you do not want to run cables around the apartment, or you do not have such an option, then it is best to decide to buy wireless cameras.

Choosing The Right Security Cameras


Growing concerns for public safety and the use of video analytics in criminal investigations are driving a marked increase in demand for advanced video surveillance solutions. Areas such as traffic, education, public institutions, health care, are largely adopting innovative security solutions offered by video analytics. In addition to security, video analytics is increasingly used in business optimization. Therefore, retailers around the world are constantly working on the implementation of these systems to have insight into consumer behavior – but also to better control the work process of their employees. Here, we will present some of the leading manufacturers and models of video surveillance that have achieved the best sales results over the past years.

1. Hikvision Digital Technology

This company was founded in 2001 – and today it represents one of the world’s leaders when it comes to video surveillance equipment. Their oversight systems are used around the world to improve public safety, traffic safety, educational and healthcare facilities, financial institutions, businesses, and offices.

  • Hikvision DS-2CD2T46G2-4I

The 4MP AcuSense network camera is housed in a bullet housing with a fixed lens. It achieves a maximum resolution of 2592x1944px @ 30fps and gives a great image in the dark with the help of DarkFighter technology. It has an AcuSense system for smart identification and classification of people and vehicles.

2. Dahua Technology

Dahua Technology is the world’s most successful company when it comes to video IoT solutions, as well as Internet networking services of various security devices (cameras, software, sensors). Dahua Technology solutions are widely applied in many key segments of space provision, such as transport, banking, and finance, retail facilities, etc. Many major security projects have been resolved by Dahua solutions.

  • Dahua HAC-HDBW2401R-Z

The HDCVI dome camera has a resolution of 4.1 megapixels. There is also the Effective Pixels 2688 (H) × 1520 (V) function. This camera is waterproof and is housed in an IP67 dome, IK10 case, with smart IC diodes. It features an Image Sensor 1/3 ” CMOS ” 4.1 megapixel CMOS chip, as well as HD and SD dual-output, day/night function, and noise reduction.

3. Bosch Security Systems

As part of the Bosch Group, one of the famous manufacturers and distributors of technical goods and services, Bosch Security includes a wide range of camera surveillance equipment, from security CCTV systems to burglar, fire, and voice detection sensors. Most of their products are compatible with management and recording software and video analytics.

  • Bosch VBN-4075-C11

This is a so-called Day / Night camera, 960H, it has a 720 TV Line, 1/3 “CCD sensor, as well as a mechanical IR filter. It has an extended dynamic range, motion detection, as well as alarm inputs and outputs, and zoning and mirror masking functions. It has an OSD display and a 12Vdc / 24Vac power supply.

4. Samsung Technology

Samsung is one of the world’s leading innovators in the design and manufacture of video surveillance systems, access control systems, and optical communications. Samsung systems provide vital security to corporations, educational institutions, government institutions, and many other types of public and private facilities.

  • Samsung SCB-2000P

This is a day/night camera, which has 600 TV Lines, as well as a digital noise filter. You can count on darker zone image optimization (SSDR) functions, as well as sensitivity enhancement (Sens-up x2-x512). This camera also has a digital image stabilizer and an OSD menu.

Video Surveillance Kits


Today’s market offers a variety of affordable options when it comes to CCTV systems. Thus, we also offer CCTV systems that are easy to install and utilize – and will meet all the conditions necessary for quality monitoring of the desired space. Security camera sets provide absolute coverage of the space that needs to be viewed, regardless of whether it is an apartment, a large house with a garage and yard, a shop, office, or business building with a larger number of rooms.