Advanced Tips and Techniques for Strip Light Installation

Installing LED lights sounds like a too complicated mission, but it’s far from that. Yes, having the right tools and setting some time aside to do it yourself is needed, But, the good thing about strip lights is that we can install them easily, and if you decide to do so, these tips should be of much help.

Check the angles


Even though these lights are ideal for adding more style to your home, there are certain rules one needs to follow in order to get the max out of them. One of those rules is avoiding sharp angles, meaning that you should avoid bending and twisting them. This doesn’t mean we cannot do anything with them and that they need to be arranged in a perfect line, but bending them to cover sharp angles is not a good idea. Namely, if you want to cover corners of the living room or bedroom, it’s best to use these lights so that they meet at the angle instead of bending them. This will grant higher quality and, above all, durability of your lighting.

Twisting them to cover as much group as possible is a common mistake, as people do not consider how that affects the circuit and all the problems that might occur. One of the most basic problems with bending them to cover sharp angles is damage to the wiring, which can lead to issues like short circuits. So, to get the most out of your LED strip lights, make sure to handle them with care by making fewer bends to avoid causing damage.

Use LED Light Channel


The looks are important, but since this is something we expect to last for longer, protecting these lights is also of vast importance. Now, there are several ways to do so, but many people overlook the importance of preserving the lights, which can have consequences. Namely, besides avoiding bending them when installing, it’s also of vast importance to do as much as possible to protect them, and the best way to do so is by using LED Light Channel. Using these channels will enhance the overall looks of the lights and protect the wiring, which will guarantee they will last for much longer.

Besides protecting the lights, these channels will also enhance its looks, as they will provide a clean and seamless look. Another benefit is that they come in various sizes and shapes, meaning that you will surely find the type that suits the purposes you need the most. Of course, these channels come with all the items one might need, including diffusers and end caps. Above all, using and installing them is extremely easy, which is why using LED light channels shouldn’t be optional but a must.

Prepare the surface


Preparing the surface and treating these lights when installing them with great care is essential. That is why, before you place strip lights, make sure to clean the surface. The best way to do so is by wiping the entire area where you plan to place the lights. Make sure to wipe the entire area to be certain that there is no debris or oils left. Once the cleaning is done, the next step is to dry the surface because the wet surface can cause malfunctioning or even some bigger issues with the electricity.

With this covered, the next thing is to prepare the lights, and this is where it can get a bit tricky. It’s because of the protective cover of the lights, which is why you should do it with a steady hand and remove the covering for the adhesive tape backing by peeling off the brown (usually) protective cover. The reason why we state this can be tricky is because of adhesive tape backing, and if we mistakenly remove that, this can cause damage to the lights. That is why people in this line of work say that you should take your time preparing the surface and peeling off the covering, just to be sure that once you place strip lights, there will be no issues with the wiring.

Check the power supply

Just like with everything with power, before taking any action, it’s crucial to check what the appropriate power supply is. Namely, if we use a too-small or too-large power supply, power powering or underpowering will occur, and that could possibly damage the lights. It’s all about getting the maximum out of LED lights, meaning that you want them to enhance the overall looks but also to last for as long as possible, and the only way to get both is by knowing the appropriate power supply for your LED lights. It’s all about safety, and once you cover that, everything else should and will get much easier.

Pick the right dimmer


Even though this is not essential, it’s always good to add this because a dimmer can help you turn and adjust the brightness of the lights. Just imagine wanting to create a romantic ambiance. You have already picked the music and added a few candles, but since candlelight is not enough, why not use strip lights to enhance the ambiance? Of course, to do so, we need a dimmer so that we can set the mood for our romantic night. The good thing is that dimmers are not expensive, and above all, that there are many different types. This means that there is definitely something for everyone, so don’t pass on the dimmer and buy one.

Have the right tools

Regardless of what type of work we plan, having the right set of tools is essential, and the same goes for installing strip lights. Luckily, this is something that doesn’t require that many tools, as tape measure is something most people have at their home. Besides that, you will also need a cloth to wipe and clean the surface properly and scissors. Understandably, you will also need the right strip light connector kit, but that’s something that often comes with the lights when you order them. If not, make sure to check what type of kit you need so that once you start installing, you will have all the tools required.