5 Special Tips On How To Improve Your Vocals 2024 Guide

Some people get the intention that we were born with or without our singing voice. Well, they are quite correct in a way. There are genetic factors that determine what our voice sounds like but then, your voice is also an instrument that should be learned and mastered.

So whether you intend to improve your singing voice or just the general sound of your voice, there are some simple things you can do and techniques to employ to achieve this.

1. Vocal warm-up

This is a set of exercises you do to prepare your body and voice for singing. These exercises are quite easy to do and so if you haven’t done it before, you don’t have to worry. You exercise and stretch your voice the same way a runner first stretches his body before starting a race.

This will help prevent cracking of the voice and sour throat after singing. It is advisable to do a few minutes of vocal warm-ups daily to strengthen and improve the quality of your voice.

2. Maintain the right posture for singing

Taking the wrong posture can make it difficult or sometimes impossible for air to flow through your throat and vocal cords. Good singers sing from their diaphragm and not their mouths.

Keep your shoulders back, place your chin high, position your mouth on a parallel angle to the floor and make sure your upper body is held up straight. Stand upright to allow airflow through your vocal cords and keep your muscles relaxed. This is a correct singing posture.

3. Mimic great singers

Learning to sing like some great musicians is one special technique you can employ to help improve the quality of your voice. Select some of your favorite songs by good singers and try to become those voices by mimicking these artists.

You can rehearse and imitate each song weekly. Play this song frequently as you try to sound like these singers. Observe your progress by recording yourself as you sing and then take note of any differences.

Repeat this procedure until you’ve perfected this imitation. Then move on to the next song and repeat this method over again. Learning to sound like many artistes will make you more flexible with your voice so that you can create your own distinct singing style and this will ultimately take you to another level of success.

4. Drink a lot of water

You need to keep your vocal cords well hydrated and this can be done only by supplying enough water into your bloodstream. When you drink water, it passes down one of the two holes in the back area of your throat which is the hole for water and food.

The other hole is for air. And since the water you take can only go down the liquid hole and not the air hole (which is where the chords are situated), the only way your vocal cords can stay hydrated is by keeping enough water flowing in your bloodstream. So to achieve this, you should drink about 1½ gallons of water every day.

5. Sing and record to know your weak spots

One of the best ways to improve your singing voice is by recording yourself to know your weak spots because the voice you hear in your head when you sing is usually different from what other people will hear.

So when you record your voice you get to hear how your voice sounds. Record yourself singing with your natural voice (without any effects) in a room. You can start with your simple favorite songs. Afterward, play the tape over to spot some weak points such as nasal singing, sharp or flat notes and bad breath control.

Studying your singing will help you identify your area(s) of weakness, thus making it easy to know the improvements and corrections you need to make.

Some Regular Questions Asked By Singers

Here are answers to some regular questions asked by singers

How does one sing high notes?

Try mimicking a siren gradually. This will make it easier to sing high notes over time. Make sure you do this in stages without pushing your limits.

How can one make their voice more audible and louder?

Too much tension in your throat can cut out sound. so avoid this! It is also advisable to breathe into your diaphragm rather than your chest as pushing air through the diaphragm will provide you with more strength. To breathe through your diaphragm, just inhale and fill up your lungs with air. This will cause your chest to be raised.

How can one control pitch?

Do not rush this. It is a gradual process. Practice one pitch until you’ve perfected it and then move to the next one.

Always remember that your voice is an instrument and so should be treated as such. Practice and train your voice daily to give you a clearer and stronger voice.

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