10 Best Roach Killers on the Market – 2023 Buying Guide

Roaches are one crawling insect that is despised by every homeowner and sighting just one roach in our home is enough reason to send everyone into a frenzy of trying to eliminate and get rid of it.

However, some products are not as effective as we desire and do not even have the ability or power to get rid of these roaches. If you find yourself in a similar situation and you don’t know the best roach killer to use then you need not worry anymore as we have rounded up the best and effective roach killers on the market.

How To Prevent Unwanted Roach Attacks In Our Homes

  • Get rid of the trash in the bin before morning
  • Ensure that all water leaks are fixed around your home
  • Also, try to get rid of damp places in your home
  • Purchase an effective, powerful and reliable roach killer

A Step By Step Guide On Selecting The Best Roach Killer On The Market

Let’s take a look at these powerful roach killers that you would find readily available on the market today:

5. EcoSMART 33103 Organic Ant and Roach Killer, 14-Ounce

best roach killers on the marketUsing the EcoSmart 33101 organic ant and roach killer ensures that every killer ant, spider, silverfish, roach and other crawling insects gets eliminated and this is one spray that is widely used in most homes today as it contains a ‘no stain’ formula, is safe but also strong enough to put an end to ant and other insect attacks.

This spray is non-toxic as it is made using 100 percent of organic compounds that are not harmful to the human system and it is also made using environmental products that won’t cause any harm to mammals, water supplies, fish or birds.


  1. Works effectively as described
  2. Can be used outdoors and indoors
  3. Safely eliminates other crawling insects from your home


  1. Delivers an unpleasant smell
  2. The smell is quite stronger than expected

4. Combat Max 12 Month Roach Killing Bait, Small Roach Bait Station, 18 Count

best roach killers on the marketFeaturing a twelve-month formula that contains fipronil which is known as a powerful insecticide, the Combat Max 12 month roach killing bait is another powerful and effective roach killer you are bound to come across on the internet today and it is one which any user will find quite easy to use as it is extremely easy to use while its baits do not require any form of activation.

This is quite easy to use as all it requires is for you to place the baits in areas that have been infested by these roaches and it is effective that it eliminates roaches that it sees and doesn’t especially when applied in areas like behind toilets, under the sink and even behind electrical appliances.


  1. Considered as the best way of eliminating cockroaches with spraying
  2. Makes sure roaches get eliminated for a very long time
  3. Very easy to use


  1. Not as effective as described

3. Harris Boric Acid Roach and Silverfish Killer, 1 Pound Powder w/Lure and Extension Tube

best roach killers on the market

This proves to be a long-lasting solution to roach attack in every home as it is well formulated to continually eliminate roaches, silverfish, waterbugs and other crawling insects for several weeks and it is one that acts fast and effectively as it kills any roach it comes in contact with which causes them to die exactly seventy-two hours of coming in contact with this roach killer.

For all users, this product is quite to use as it boasts of a straw and puffer which aids in applying this product to even areas that are difficult to reach and one impressive feature of this product is it contains harris lure which is hard to resist by roaches and helps in drawing them away from their hiding place.


  1. Recommended for pesky bugs
  2. Ensures that every roach disappears in two day
  3. Easy to use


  1. The lure isn’t as good enough as described
  2. Not as effective on ants as it is on roaches and bugs

2. Henslow Patent Latest Invention Intelligent and Effective Cockroach Trap Capture

This is one reliable way of eliminating roaches away from your home as it is specially designed in such a way that it allows roaches to walk freely into a trap.

One reason why this product stands out from the rest is it poses a more healthy and efficient way of killing roaches as it doesn’t require making use of harmful sprays which could be detrimental to human health so this product is quite safe around your pets and family.

Unlike other products that cause one to spend unnecessarily, the Smarlance roach trap is one that can be used several times so you don’t need to spend your money on sprays, glue traps and more.

It is very easy to use as all it requires is for you to place this trap in areas that roaches visit most of the time such as cabinets, stove, kitchen, garage, trash can and more.


  1. Works extremely well in eliminating large-sized roaches
  2. Comes in a well-constructed box with easy to understand instructions
  3. Great value product
  4. Fast and great delivery service


  1. Isn’t effective on German roaches

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1. Max Ant & Roach Killer (Pack of 6)

best roach killers on the market

When talking about powerful and effective roach killers, the Max Ant and roach killer is one product that every homeowner can absolutely rely on as it is specially formulated to get rid of roaches and other crawling insects upon contact.

This is considered to be very effective as just one spray is quite powerful to last up to four weeks for more killing of roaches.

Unlike other roach killers available on the market today, the Max amt and roach killer has no fragrance and it is one which you would find extremely safe to use as it also contains to lingering chemical odor.

Every owner would find it extremely easy to use as all it requires is to spray around areas that have already been infested by roaches and other crawling insects.


  1. Considered to be the best over the counter spray
  2. Features straws which allow you to spray into tight areas
  3. Well designed to spray accurately


  1. Not as effective as expected

Other Exciting Products Include

1. Raid Spray 602310870481, 3 pack

best roach killers on the marketHaving a non-lingering odor is also another feature that makes this spray stand out from the rest sprays on the market and it is certified and guaranteed effective when applied while dealing with water bugs, lady beetles, spiders, crickets, silverfish, cockroaches and ants. It also boasts of a fresh scent which isn’t harmful to human health.

The raid spray is also one of the best and effective ant sprays ever made as it boasts of a quick action formula which helps in eliminating ants and other insects immediately it comes in contact with them and unlike other poorly formulated sprays on the market today, this raid spray also boasts of a residual action which lasts for as long as four weeks in keeping ant attacks and invasion under check.


  1. Works very fast
  2. Effective
  3. Worth the amount
  4. Recommended for outdoor and indoor use
  5. Fast and great delivery service


  1. Came with already damaged spray caps

2. Ortho Ant and Roach Killer, 16 oz

best roach killers on the marketThis product is very reliable and effective as it guarantees up to a year of pest and ant control and one other feature that makes this product stand out from the rest on the market is its odor-free and non-staining action which also makes it safe and easy to use. It is recommended for use when dealing with spiders, roaches, ants, lady beetles, mites and even armyworms.

This is also another reliable ant spray that you would find on the market today and one factor that contributes to why this product is widely used and very popular among most homeowners today is the fact that it boasts of a fast-acting formula which kills ants immediately it comes in contact with them.

It also works effectively in creating a bug barrier which prevents future bug attacks and it is also recommended for outdoor and indoor use.


  1. Last long
  2. Has a quick action
  3. Eliminates spiders
  4. Leaves no residue behind
  5. Odorless


  1. Not as effective as described

3. Raid Ant & Roach Killer Insecticide Spray, Lemon, 17.5 oz-2 pk

best roach killers on the marketOne benefit that comes with using the raid ant and roach insecticide is you would find it quite easy to use as it comes in an aerosol can which ensures that you spray close to or directly on ant-infested areas as well as their hiding place and using this aerosol can also guarantee that your hand doesn’t come in contact with the contents of the can.

When it comes to killing ants and cockroaches on direct contact, the Raid ant and roach killer insecticide spray is one spray that anybody can trust to get the job done and this spray is trusted by customers as just one spray is sufficient to last for up to four weeks. This is one powerful and effective spray as it also works effectively in eliminating lady bettle, spiders, crickets, silverfish, waterbugs and more.


  1. Fast delivery service
  2. Works effectively as described
  3. The package is easy to open and make use of


  1. Can doesn’t spray properly
  2. Doesn’t start working immediately when sprayed

4. Advion Cockroach Gel Bait, 4-syringes 1.06 oz each

best roach killers on the marketWhether you intend getting rid of brown-banded, oriental, smoky-brown, brown, Australian or even American cockroaches the advion cockroach killer is one of the best and trusted products that you can rely on to help get rid of these crawling insects as it boasts of a non-repellent yet potent ingredient which ensures that these insects gest eliminated.

With this powerful roach killer, it would be very impossible for difficult for cockroaches to be able to fight back its powerful combination and this in turn makes it quite effective in controlling or putting an end to roaches population.

This product is recommended for outdoor and indoor use as well as for industrial, commercial and residential use and it is also suitable for use in areas where food items or food is handled.


  1. The best and effective
  2. get way of controlling roach population
  3. also makes it easy to clean up dead roaches
  4. affordable


  1. Has a rotten smell

5. Combat Max Defense System Brand, Small Roach Killing Bait and Gel, 12 Count

best roach killers on the marketThis is an ideal roach killer product which would work effectively in the prevention of roach attacks as well as in the elimination of roaches if they have already found a place in your home and users and most homeowners would find this product quite easy to use as its gel baits can be used in most difficult to access areas like crevices and cracks while  its baits stations can be placed in open places where roaches have already infested.

This product is considered quite effective as it would help to keep the population of roaches under check for as long as six months and it gets to work few hours after use which guarantees immediate elimination of roaches it comes in contact with.


  1. Also works in eliminating bugs
  2. Well packaged product
  3. Effective


  1. Doesn’t last for as long as six months but just two weeks

Final Verdict – What You Should Know

Listed above are the best roach killers that you would find available on the market and taking a closer look, you would find out the Max Ant & Roach Killer is rated as the best in this review.

Using the max ant and roach killer guarantees that you would eliminate roaches that hide even in tight corners of your home and it also boasts of a unique design that ensures accurate spray.

Other products listed in this review are also effective and you won’t be going wrong by going for any of them today.

Bestseller No. 1
advion 383920 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Inse, Brown
  • The numbers printed on the product is not an expiration date
  • For Sale By Pestcontrolpross Please See My Amazon Store For More Professional Pest & Rodent Control Products
  • Dupont advion cockroach gel bait can be used in single and multi-family residential buildings, schools, commercial and industrial facilities...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Combat Max 12 Month Roach Killing Bait, Small Roach Bait Station, Child-Resistant, 18 Count
  • Start killing small roaches in hours and prevent them from returning for up to 12 months with Combat Max Roach Killing Bait
  • This package includes 18 child-resistant Combat Max roach killing bait stations for small cockroaches to protect your home for up to an entire year.
  • Formulated with food that specifically attracts small roaches, plus a powerful insecticide, Fipronil
  • Easy to use and kills in hours. Use all 18 baits. Break baits apart. Place all baits where roaches are found. Do not spray around baits. Sprays...
  • Includes 18 child-resistant bait stations. Do allow children or pets to play with the bait stations
Bestseller No. 3
Zap-A-Roach 2 Pk, Boric Acid Roach & Ant Killer NET Wt. 1 Lb. (454 GMS) Each
  • PUT THE PESTS IN THEIR PLACE: Zap-A-Roach is designed to easily eliminate some of the hardest pests to fight. Combat a roach, ant, water bug, flea,...
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME IN EVERY WAY: Don’t worry about ruining baseboards, flooring, or appliances with Zap-A-Roach. It is a non-staining compound, safe...
  • UNDETECTED PEST CONTROL: Zap-A-Roach is designed to be odorless in your home, making it perfect to use throughout the house. Family and friends will...
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To use, shake well and twist cap until fully open. Holding bottle at a 45-degree angle, powder should flow freely when squeezed....
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: The Original Zap-A-Roach – The Original Roach and Ant Killer Since 1946. Kills roaches, water bugs, fleas, ants, and silver...
Bestseller No. 4
Hot Shot Liquid Roach Bait, Roach Killer, 1 Pack, 6-Count
  • KILLS ROACHES AND THE EGGS THEY CARRY: Quick-kill formula kills both large and small roaches where they breed.
  • ADVANCED LIQUID BAIT TECHNOLOGY: This bait is extremely attractive to roaches because it combines an attractive food source with the water source they...
  • KILLS IN HOURS: Delivers a lethal dose quickly to roaches and the eggs they carry.
  • CONTAINS 6 BAIT STATIONS: Place ready-to-use bait stations on a flat surface in areas where roaches have been spotted
Bestseller No. 5
Harris Roach Tablets, Boric Acid Roach Killer with Lure for Insects (4oz, 96 Tablets)
  • Great Value - Minimum of 96 tablets included to treat a minimum of 12 rooms, long lasting when kept dry & extremely cost effective
  • EPA Registered - Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (No. 3-1) for use in homes with people & pets
  • Irresistible to Roaches - Active ingredient 40% boric acid w/ our formulated lure to attract roaches. Does not have an expiration date.
  • Kills the Entire Colony - Roaches carry boric acid back to their nests to kill the entire infestation
  • Easy to Conceal - Use in hidden areas - under drawers, appliances and cabinets

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Q: What is the best homemade Roach Killer?

A: Advion Cockroach Gel. For the most common household pest the German cockroach,Advion cockroach gel works really well. … Rockwell Labs Invict Gold Cockroach Gel. Rockwell Labs makes another powerful and effective cockroach gel named Invict Gold. … Syngenta Cockroach Bait. …

Q: What is the best over the counter Roach Killer?

A: Rockwell Invict German Roach Gel Bait. MDXconcepts Organic Home Pest Control Spray. HARRIS Boric Acid Roach and Silverfish Killer Powder. BRISON Ultrasonic Plug in Device. Raid Ant&Roach Killer. Safer Brand Diatomaceous Insect Killer. Ortho Wand Home Defense Insect Killer.

Q: What is the best indoor Roach Killer?

A: Deep clean the microwave and keep spills inside wiped up Clean out the inside of toasters and toaster ovens and empty and wipe the crumb tray after each use Clean the inside and outside of indoor garbage cans; use can liners and keep lids tightly closed Clean floors under large appliances like the refrigerator or stove often

Q: What is the best Roach Killer available?

A: Form: gel Active ingredients: imidacloprid (2.15%) Net weight: 4 x 1.25 oz. Efficient against: German roaches For indoor and outdoor