Best Powered Speakers for Live Band – 2022 Buying Guide

Powered speakers are the right and suitable choice for tours and live shows as it comes with an in-built amplifier which makes use of one less equipment in areas with no space especially on a tour bus. Not only are these speakers space-efficient but they are also well designed to generate loud and massive sounds … Read more

Best Practice Amp Under $100 – Buying Guide (2022)

For a gigging guitarist and those looking for a small at home/studio boxes, there are so many factors you need to worry about, which sometimes could be so overwhelming. For this reason, we have decided to make it much easier for you by finding out the ones that will give you the best value for … Read more

Best Guitar Effects Processor For Live – 2022 Buying Guide & Reviews

Instead of making use of numerous amps and pedals which could lead to developing a complicated pedalboard setup, it is still possible for any music player to still get that desired sound from just one unit and that unit is known as a guitar processor. These processors are well designed to offer plenty of effects … Read more

Best Guitar Processor For Live – 2022 Buying Guide

There are many reasons why you should consider getting an effect processor and one major reason is that it is very affordable compared to the pedal box. Modern effect processors come with amps and a number of popular effects that will be very useful to a guitar player. The multi-effect processor saves the guitarist money … Read more

Best Headphone Amp under $100 – 2022 Buying Guide

Headphone amps are designed to serve several purposes and these purposes include boosting signals of audio sounds, helping to eliminate buzzing, fuzzy or even distort sounds which are not pleasing during recordings. Their importance in the industry today cannot be overemphasized as they also play a huge role in providing you with the best listening … Read more

Best Professional Drum Sets – 2022 Buying Guide & Reviews

There is no better feeling than picking a pair of sticks and making a rhythm with a drum set. There is something refreshing about being able to play to your favorite songs. Generally, most drum sets are usually made up of the bass drum, tom-toms and snare drum. Mid-range drums are usually made up of … Read more

Best Electric Guitar Strings for Rock – 2022 Buying Guide

Most guitarists end up having the idea that all strings are the same but in actual sense, all strings are not the same as there are different types and different kinds. There are notable and respectable brands of guitar strings with different gauges and materials and also, the sounds produce differs from string to string. … Read more

Best Ukulele Brands For Professionals – 2022 Buying Guide

“Ukulele” is normally wrongly spelled by most people as “ukelele” and this is usually due to the pronunciation. The right spelling is “ukulele”. This instrument came into existence in Hawaii in the 1880s, during the exploration era when Portuguese immigrants who were cabinet makers, constructed instruments similar to those popular in their native land and … Read more

Best Studio Headphones under $100 – Buying Guide (2022)

The art of music production nowadays relies on the type and quality of speaker and headphones used and this is made so as a speaker and headphones are the only connection you have when it comes to mixing your favorite tracks. However, studio headphones are sometimes considered to be the easiest route to studio monitoring … Read more

10 Best Bass Multi Effects Pedals 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

best bass multi effects pedals

There are different types of bass multi-effects such as: Digital bass effects Analog bass effects However, settling for a good and reliable bass multi-effects pedals is a bit difficult due to the numerous products available but here are some tips to consider: USB output Pedalboard design Phrase looping Safety Without wasting further time, please take … Read more