5 Best Cooling Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

Sleep is valuable and not getting enough of it can be problematic. Still, numerous people wake up in the middle of the night due to hot flushes, or simply because their co-sleeper is giving off too much heat.

The truth is that if you feel this way then you might be a hot sleeper. The term, “hot sleeper,” was coined as an attempt to describe the condition that occurs when one cannot regulate his or her own body temperature during the night.

Generally, your body is wired in such a way that it regulates its own temperature. But, certain bedding and mattresses can counteract this natural temperature regulating process.

If this sounds like you then your mattress could be causing most of your sleeping woes.

How Does A Mattress Cause You To Sleep Hot?

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According to certain experiments, the topmost layers of certain mattresses often prevent air from moving away from the body, causing your temperature to climb higher than the perfect temperature for sleep which is 65 degrees.

A Solution For Better Sleep

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Now that you know what causes you to sleep hot, you’re in a better position to rectify the problem. Thankfully, respite is just a cooling mattress away. But, before we go into what the best cooling mattresses are, check out this guide on the most effective type of mattress for hot sleepers.

Also, here are some important considerations to keep in mind as you look through the different options:

  1. Speak to an expert, and make sure that you mention a cooling mattress is what you’re looking for. That way, you can just look at mattresses in which cooling is an essential feature of the overall bed design.
  2. Find a bed whose airflow guides the heat away from the body.
  3. You can also opt for a temperature neutral one that won’t absorb your body heat or cause you to sweat profusely.
  4. If you decide to go for a foam mattress, make sure it’s made from breathable and heat resistant latex foam.
  5. Latex mattresses from Sleep Masters are always an option when in doubt because they offer diverse aeration, making them highly breathable and cooler.
  6. Decide on your preferred sleeping position and consider that of your partner as well so you can pick a mattress that works for both of you.

Sleepless Nights Are a Thing Of The Past

We did some legwork to find the best cooling mattresses on the market and the following list is a result of what we found. Rest assured, you’re about to find the one mattress that’ll make you sleep so well you’ll feel like Sleeping Beauty.

1. The GhostBed Luxe

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The GhostBed Luxe mattress is made from foam, and Nature’s Sleep, the company that makes it, labeled it the Coolest Bed in the World. It certainly deserves this distinction because it features several layers specifically dedicated to the function of cooling.

This bed is made all the more special by the inclusion of ghost ice technology which was used when creating it. This means that as soon as warmth is felt on the mattress, the cooling fiber and gel works to counteract the heat.

Latex foam is another material that went into making this mattress so that it’s not just cooling but comfortable too.

It’s worth noting that despite the cooling properties of this mattress it does have some limitations. Basically, it’s mostly suitable for lightweight sleepers. Unfortunately, the all-foam quality of this mattress doesn’t make it a suitable choice for more heavy-set individuals.

2. The WinkBed Plus Mattress

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While the GhostBed Luxe may have been termed the coolest bed in the world, the WinkBed Plus is designed to be a more durable and long-lasting option.  While it’s not exactly budget-friendly, it does come with a lifetime warranty.

Of course, that’s just a nice to have feature. You’re here to find out if it’ll help you to sleep cooler. You’ll be glad to know that the cooling quality of this bed can be found in the gel-infused foam of the quilted pillow top cover. It also has a few ventilated pocketed coils to enhance the cooling effect.

If support and cooling are what you want from your bed, then this should be your go-to mattress. It doesn’t have the traditional memory foam feel, but the sensation of sleeping on a WinkBed Plus is priceless.

3. Purple

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As a side sleeper, you most probably want a cool mattress that caters to your habits. The Purple mattress ticks all these boxes because it sports a versatile and unique design that you’ll either absolutely love or hate there’s no in-between.

The responsiveness of the mattress makes it effortless to change positions and all without retaining heat. The top layer is made from a polymer grid that makes it temperature neutral and it doesn’t absorb body heat in any way.

4. The Layla Mattress

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If you’re a hot sleeper who enjoys sleeping on the tummy, then the Layla mattress is for you. The copper-infused foam used on the mattress allows for optimal breathability, while the breathability coils aid in keeping you cool and comfortable.

But, what really makes this mattress a stand-out option is the fact that it’s designed to enable side spinal support. As such, you’ll feel fully supported no matter how much you move around at night.

5. The Saatva Classic

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Finding a cooling mattress is one thing, but you also need a bed that caters to your desired sleeping position and your wallet. The Saatva Classic caters to this trifecta of features like a charm. It’s a great cooling mattress for the back sleeper due to its pain-relieving properties and it offers great value for money with a 15-year warranty.

Not only that, but this mattress has a luxurious cotton cover that provides both support and comfort. It also offers optimal ventilation and airflow due to pocketed coils that’ll help your body to regulate its temperature so that you’re not too hot or too cold.

Now that you know which options are at your disposal, you can pick a cooling mattress that suits your needs and preferences to a tee. As they say, when you sleep better, you dream better so here’s to sweet dreams all the way!


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Q: How does a cooling mattress work?

A: Environmentally friendly For people who are keen on buying products that are environment-friendly,cooling gel mattresses are among those products. … Pressure relief Whichever way you prefer to sleep,it is very important to have a mattress that provides you sufficient support and relaxes your pressure points. … Suitability for all

Q: Which is the best mattress?

A: Parachute eco comfort mattress. … Layla Sleep Hybrid mattress. … Bear Hybrid mattress. … Nectar Sleep original mattress. … Airweave mattress. … Zoma mattress. … Saatva classic mattress (was$1595,now$160 off) We haven’t tested Saatva’s hybrid mattresses ourselves,but reviews seem to indicate they have an extremely luxurious feel.