Decoupage Tray DIY: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Home Décor

Decoupage projects that range from classic to retro can be presented with ease and style on affordable wooden trays. In fact, why go for simple and outdated dishes or decor? Don’t you just want to have your own unique take on something like this?

Trays can be found in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Several combinations of looks are available. These versatile trays can carry anything from soaps and washcloths to an easel display or a child’s tea set. They’re versatile enough to hold keys, notes, drinks, mail – you name it! They are also affordable gifts for a housewarming or the holidays. See how you can DIY your own little project down below!

Top 4 Things To Know

1. You can do it all on your own: just prepare the supplies


Do you want to create some type of artwork in the comfort of your home? If you love unique pieces, why not show off your creativity, and get to it?! Here is what you will be needing:

  • A tray
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Ruler & a knife
  • Paintbrush
  • Mod
  • Podge
  • Coloring tools

Before cutting your pages to size, take accurate measurements. Trim them until they fit in each region. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the interior of the decoupage tray. You will flatten the paper before inserting it into the slots this way.

In order to access difficult-to-reach locations, utilize the squeegee. The paper needs 15 to 20 minutes to dry. Each section’s paper should have several coatings of Mod Podge on it.

If you want a gorgeous Decoupage tray, check out Ben’s Garden. They have some of the most unique & beautiful options that are worth exploring. All of their work is custom & one of a kind, leaving you with a rare item for your at-home use. If you can’t DIY your own projects or if you are tight with time (yet you want a custom item) – give them a go. You will leave feeling satisfied.

2. How to refinish a metal tray?


A lot of people wonder about metal trays that they have laying around at their homes. In order to refinish a metal tray and get it ready for a fresh finish and decoupage decoration, the old finish must be removed thoroughly and completely.

To do so, first, scrape the tray with a cleaner to remove any dirt that has accumulated. The previous coating on the tray must then be sandblasted away. (Chemicals should not be used, as they will corrode the metal of the tray and render it useless.)

For the removal of paint and varnish from metal, a coarser grit of sandpaper is required. The usage of a palm sander is highly recommended for the removal of paint and varnish. The metal tray won’t get a beautiful new finish if you sand it and then don’t wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Priming spray for metal, available at any hardware store, must be used to coat the freshly cleaned metal. Spraying an oven coat over the entire tray is a good idea. Keep the can at least 10 inches away from the tray as you spray to avoid creating bubbles and runs.

After two coats of primer, the tray needs to dry. You’re all set to decorate your tray now in any way you like. For instance, using spray paint to color the tray’s base is a great idea. After that, you can add a decorative stenciled pattern or vintage decoupage to the top.

3. How do decoupage a wooden tray?

Do you have an old-school wooden tray laying around? Are you ready for DIY moments and some new accessories? If so, this is what you should be doing!

Sanding, degreasing, and priming are necessary steps in the tray’s preparation. Wooden trays are a bit trickier to do, especially if you are a beginner.

It is advised to use the art primer in two coats. Next, choose some extra-large napkins with lovely Provence-inspired sceneries printed on them.

Remove the photos with caution, then stick them to the item. Everything is covered in several applications of an acrylic protective lacquer. This kind of miniature-painted artwork can also be utilized to decorate the tray.

A decoupage tray is super fun to make on your own or even with your kids.

4. How to decoupage with paper napkins step by step?


If you want to have fun with your napkins, here’s what we recommend that you do. First, gather the following:

  • A tray
  • Cute paper napkins
  • Different kinds of paint
  • Mod Podge – matte
  • Scissors
  • Beeswax

The tray can be painted in any color you like and love. Just let it dry out completely. The napkins’ layers then need to be untucked. Go for some that offer three layers. Get rid of the bottom two white layers. Napkins should be trimmed to size before being placed in the tray.

Remove the napkin from the serving platter and place it aside. Make use of a little foam brush and some Mod Podge. The paint on the tray’s bottom should be very thin and wet. Napkin placement on the tray bottom should be done with the utmost care and accuracy. Try to even things out as gently as possible.

If you want to get really creative, you may even tape the paper napkin to the tray’s inside walls. Please dry the area completely. You should be good to go in 10-15 minutes. Do a quick wax job on the tray.

Mod Podge dries in a short amount of time, allowing you to focus on your next step quickly. Quick-drying materials like Mod Podge and chalk paint will allow you to complete this task in under an hour.

So, are you ready for something new in your life and in your home? Do you want to buy or DIY your next tray? Let us know, we can’t wait to see what you end up doing.