7 Gadgets That Will Make your Date Night Unforgettable

Technology is becoming increasingly prominent in romance. From dating sites to smartphones, people are using tech to connect with their potential dates. While most people utilize technology to find someone to romance, it’s also important to bring it along on date night. In collaboration with Tenderfling.com we share a collection of gadgets that you can use for an unforgettable date night.

Set Your Smart Home Music Player to Set the Mood

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When you’re bringing your date back home, you’ll want them to feel calm and comfortable. After all, they’re going over a new person’s house, and nobody knows where the night is going from there. If you’re both trying to feel comfortable in each other’s presence, then you don’t want to worry about setting the mood. A smart home music player that is linked to Bluetooth speakers around your house can help you out. Just come inside, say the key phrase to make the device activate the playlist of choice, and then settle in. It’s one less thing that you need to worry about while you’re being a good host.

Use a Compact Projector and Watch a Movie Anywhere

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You might not want to take your date home with you. Instead, you might want to drive somewhere secluded and watch a movie in the middle of nowhere. While you could both use a phone screen, a compact projector is a great alternative. This small device projects a large image of your screen. As long as you have a backdrop to project the movie on, you’re good to go! Watch your favorite movie with your partner in a romantic outdoor setting or any other place you want. There’s no need to lug around a screen or watch on a small device.

Make Dinner with a Bluetooth Instant Pot

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Instant pots are becoming one of the most common tools for cooking in the present day. They are incredibly versatile for cooking many sorts of meals. As long as you know what your date likes to eat, you’ll find a recipe that can work in this cooking appliance. While a regular instant pot can make delicious meals, you might want to get the Bluetooth-compatible version. That way, your date and you can continue to watch a movie, play games, or do anything else while dinner is cooking. When the time is right, your smartphone will receive a notification that it’s time to eat! This is a great idea for people that would rather spend time getting to know their date instead of checking on dinner every five minutes.

Your House Smells Like Home with a Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

Source: techuplife.com

The sense of smell has a powerful link to memory. Many people smell something and then attach a memory to it, like cookies at Christmastime with their family. A smart essential oil diffuser will allow you to control the smells that are being introduced to your home. Basically, you put your diffuser on a timer, and it releases a scent of your choosing. There are thousands of different smells that you can fill your home with, from lavender to sage to sandalwood. You get to choose what impression you would like to make. The whole point is to make your home smell like a comforting and calm place. You don’t want them to just smell the bleach and wood polish you used to spruce up your home before they got there.

Dual Shared Headphones Put You Both in a Bubble

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Sometimes, you just want to lounge with your partner and listen to music. While that can be fun and relaxing, we’re often pulled out of the moment by environmental noises. Wildlife, kids playing in the park, or the neighbor’s television are just some common distractions. However, dual shared headphones allow you to plug into one device, like a smartphone, so that you each hear the same sounds. You can sit back and put on a private playlist with your partner, play musical roulette, or listen to a podcast together. It will feel like it is just you and your partner in a world of your own. This can be a great way to bond!

Mini Breath Checker

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The mini breath checker gadget might not seem as important as some of the others on the list. Still, you have to consider the fact that you might be expressing your love and passion with your partner at some point while on a date. Using the mini breath checker right after dinner is a good way to see if you need a mint or if you are ready for action. The last thing you want to do is make your date recoil in horror at an acidic, garlicky kiss, right? Bring along a pack of gum or mints for good measure.

VR Headsets to Play Games Together

Source: theguardian.com

Last but not least, a VR headset can provide a unique perspective to both your partner and you. Virtual Reality headsets are becoming more and more commonplace as VR applications continue to develop. Using them, you can play different video games, watch movies, and much more. At the very least, they’re useful for having some silly fun as you stumble around the living room trying to make sense of the new reality in front of you. There are many applications available for the headsets, and you both can take some time to find the one that suits you. VR is a technology that is still in development, but it’s good for techies and laymen alike.

There are numerous gadgets that people can use on their dates in the present day. Whether you want to escape the world through music and video games, or you want to give your home an ambiance with a simple command, these tools can offer a solution. Dating is supposed to be fun and interesting, so the less you have to deal with in terms of entertainment and privacy, the better. All of these different gadgets are easily inserted into a typical dating experience and will be positively received by a romantic partner.