Top 5 Hairstyling Tools 2024

I think that a lot of people would agree with the saying that hairstyling can be considered as art. So many talented professionals are able to create a beautiful look even with the most basic and plain wig. But, without the right tools, things are a little bit more difficult and some styles are even impossible. Whether you want to become a professional hairstylist or you just want to look good the next time you are going on a night out, you will need to own the most important tools for hairstyling in 2024.

However, you also have to learn how to use this equipment. Just because you have it in your drawer, does not make you an expert or a professional. But, I am sure you are passionate enough to start learning how to properly use these tools because, without the right knowledge, you might even damage your hair permanently.

Although, if you truly love the idea of becoming your own hairstylist and if you are determined, I am sure that you will have a great time learning, so here are the top 5 hairstyling tools for 2024.

GrapheneMX Dryer by Bio Ionic


A blow dryer is probably the single most important piece of equipment that can be found in the drawer of every professional hairstylist. Many people would say that a scissor or a brush is the most important one, but that is not exactly true. The blow dryer is what gives the hair the final look and a style you are looking for.

However, you cannot achieve the perfect look without a professional, high-quality, and inexpensive blow dryer. You may have found one that costs around $50 that claim they have a power of 2000 W, but that is just marketing. If you truly want to show off your skills, you will need something a little bit more expensive.

To help you show off her skills, I found the GrapheneMX Professional Dryer by Bio Ionic to be a great option for everyone. I know, it is a bit expensive at $300, but the 1875 W brushless motor will deliver the power that you are looking for. That motor of almost 2000 W is not a marketing trick and it truly requires a high level of electricity to be powered on.

Unfortunately, it does not come with any other additional attachments that can help you make your hair a bit wavy or curly.

The Beachwaver


Are you tired of wearing your hair straight and plain? Do you want something to make your entire style a little bit more interesting and flamboyant? Well, you will be able to easily achieve that with a proper curling iron. A great option for a curling iron has to be The BeachWaver. But, again, it is not exactly the most affordable curling iron, but if you truly want to give your hair the curls it deserves, you will need to improve your budget by a little. With a cost of around $130, I am sure you will be satisfied with this product for the next several years.

I also have to mention that it has over 170 ratings on Amazon and an average of four stars.

You also have the option of choosing between three different versions for three different types of curls. I cannot exactly tell you which one is the best because it is up to you to decide which one you want. Although, the 1.25 inch one is the most review and well-rated on most websites.

UNice Pre-Made Fake Scalp Wig with Curly hair


I do not exactly know whether referring to this product as a tool is exactly accurate, but I believe is the sort of equipment that every hairstyling enthusiast needs to have.

Not always where you have the free time to make your hair look as perfect as ever. Sometimes you just have 10 or 15 minutes until your night out which means you need a solution as quickly as possible. Well, for the situations, a wig is the best solution.

You put on the fake scalp wig, you play around with the strands a little bit and you are ready to go out. It is that simple. This is why I decided to put this Pre-Made Fake Scalp Wig with Curly Hair by UNice on this list. From the photos it looks great, it is subtle and it is quite well-reviewed on

You also have the option of picking between different lengths and density. With a cost of around $110, this will be a great addition to your hairstyling gear.

Revlon Salon Straightening Copper Flat Iron 1″


Just like people with straight hair can get bored with their style, so can the ones that have curly strands. If you do get out of the shower or wake up in the morning with curly hair than having a flat iron is a must. Although, I prefer having a copper one because it heats up faster and provides much better straight results than anything else.

This is why I decided to pick the one inch Copper Flat Iron by Revlon Salon. It has all of the features I love. It has a small display on the handle that shows you the temperature of the device, it can auto shut off in case you forget it plugged in and it is made out of copper to ensure the best conductivity. The best thing about it is that it costs around $30.

Ceramic Vented Radial Brush by ghd


Well, now you have all the needed devices to make all kinds of different hairstyles. But, you will not be able to use any of these devices without the right to brush. The size 3 Ceramic Vented Radial Brush by GHD is the perfect option.

$40 for a simple brush might seem like a lot, but considering the level of quality you are getting, I think it is definitely worth it.

If you ever managed to get all of these five items in your hairstyling artillery, I assure you that you will not need anything else.


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