Best Handbags For New Moms – 2024 Buying Guide

There’s one thing no mom can go without – a handbag. It doesn’t matter what age is your little one; you can’t take care of him and all your other obligations without a proper purse. The thing with mom handbags is not that they need to be pretty, but that the design is equally important as its usefulness. What every mom wants in a bag is to have as many pockets as possible. The models we have stored for you in this article have hem plenty.

The market for these items is a vast one as there are many moms, and each one has its own gusto. Some of them would probably love a product from We’re sure of it. Others would find what they are looking for in this article. It’s all normal as below we have top 5 handbags for new moms – 2024 buying guide. If this is the year you’re buying your first or only a new purse, this list is for you. Go on, pick your favorite. But remember, with this list, you can’t make a mistake.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Logo Tote


If comfort is the most important thing you want in a purse, you are in the right place. This model is for you. Comfort and neat design are what makes this handbag ideal for moms. On the side, you have a gigantic pocket which can take in up to six credit cards. The inside has enough depth, but not too much so that you won’t be losing items in it.

The small details are everything, as you can tell from the key-chain on the side. With this little nitpick, you are sure never to lose keys or have issues finding them in front of your apartment or automobile. The dimensions in which this purse comes are 16 inches in width, 10 in height, and 4 in-depth. There wasn’t a customer who wasn’t satisfied with this item. Everything is perfect, from price to size and colors. If you know a mom whose birthday is incoming, you’ve found an ideal gift. The colors in which it’s available are black, beige, brown, and the most popular one – misty rose.

Realer Bucket Purse


If you are not a fan of leather, but like the way it feels and looks, this handbag could be your next favorite accessory. It designed with moms on the mind and many obligations they have. The upper part is protected with a durable zipper, which makes stealing from this purse almost impossible. On the side, there’s also another zip, which hides a pocket ideal for your phone, keys, or a wallet. It’s easy to access, which makes it perfect for items you need to take frequently.

Thanks to its long handle straps, you can carry it in your hands, and over your shoulder. It also comes with a cross-body strap, so you can position it that way if it suits you more. The best part is that you can pick almost any color you want, as there are eleven offers. With its accessible price, you can buy a couple of them, so they’re easier to combine with your outfits.

Yaluxe Vintage Style Soft Leather Tote Shoulder Bag


This bag offers plenty of space, which comes with methods of making all that space well organized. Below the big center zipper, you’ll find two large pockets. Furthermore, it offers two additional open pockets and a combination of the two on the front end. Unlike the model above, this one is a leather one. It’s made out of cow leather combined with gunmetal hardware. The design of this model makes it perfect for work and recreation. It has long enough handled so that you can carry it over your shoulder.

This model doesn’t come at a hefty price, but it’s quite good looking and can be considered a premium product thanks to its quality and design. Most moms who bought it praise its organization, abundance of space, affordable price, and durable materials used. The one downfall is the fact it folds over when not in use.

Michael Kors Voyager East/West Tote, Black, One Size


As the title implies, this bag comes in only one size – it’s what makes it perfect. Its drop is 8.5 inches thanks to reasonably long leather handles. In width, this model has 15.3 inches, while height and depth are 11.4 inches and 6.3 inches, respectively. The one color this mom purse offers is classic black, which perfectly combines gold metal hardware and whatever you’re wearing.

The size in which this bag comes, offer just enough to pack all of your necessities. Despite being smaller in space than some of the other models on this list, it still provides two main pockets, one center, and positioned below the zipper, two smaller ones on the back end, and six tiny ones up in the front. The moms who use this one praise their compatibility and simple design, with many gimmicks in the form of smaller pockets.

Myhozee Women Tote Crossbody Bag


The needs that moms have can’t always be satisfied, but this bag could do it at least a bit. Moms love tote bags. But here, we’re not talking about large, beach ones. This model is a smaller version that still can provide enough space for everything a young mother could possibly imagine putting into a purse. It holds enough space that can fit a laptop or a tablet, not to mention everyday things such as water bottles, or quick snacks in the form of a sandwich.

Trust us; it can also hold smaller things thanks to its pockets. This model of the tote bag has pockets both on the inside and on the outside. Thanks to this, there are items such as smartphones or car keys that could be quickly available to you without going through the purse. While it might look small on the first look, if you buy it, you’ll understand it can take all of your stuff and some of the children.