Recycle Your Junk Jewelry into New Accessories – Top Creative Ideas

These days I am really into pearls. Don’t know why but they seem to look pretty and cool on just about everything. Jewelry? Check. Clutches? Check. Clothing? Check. Shoes? Check… yep just about everything. This tutorial is very similar to the pearl-embellished bangle bracelet. It is more of a project idea and a refresher that you probably already have fabulous accessories laying about, you just need to be creative with the materials you have on hand than an actual tutorial.

What you need & What steps I took: It seems like I have had this faux animal skin clutch around forever and I have never used it. Not once. It is not all that bad, I just wasn’t really inspired to wear it. So all it took was two old broken necklaces and some hot glue and I made myself a stunner.

I get stopped and complimented on it all the time. You can very easily create this same look at home. Just snip away at the old jewelry and save the interesting pieces. I took a little time and played with some different combinations and decided upon a mix of faux pearls, clear enclosed rhinestones and some trinkets from a charm necklace.

So now go dig through all your old purses and then your piles of jewelry and have some fun! It is soooo very easy to be an individual with this quick DIY. Enjoy the inspiration and thanks for stopping by!